Will Brother Fernandez Sims get your vote for mayor, Birmingham?

Hey, ya’ll. There are 12 candidates running for mayor of Birmingham, and Brother Fernandez Sims is one of them.

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The upcoming Birmingham municipal elections will be held August 22, along with a U.S. Senate special election on August 15. And, even though we won’t elect a new governor until November 2018, candidates are already making their announcements.

You can rely on Bham Now for updates, information and everything you need to know about voting in the city and the state, including the scoop on upcoming town halls and debates featuring city council, school board and mayoral candidates.

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Candidate Interview

When did you officially announce your candidacy and where/how did you do it?

“Informally, the last week of August at dinner with family and friends. I then posted it officially on our website on November 25, 2016.”

What is the name of your principal campaign committee?

“Committee to Elect Brother Sims (Fernandez Sims).”

Why do you want to run for mayor of Birmingham?

“I’m running for mayor to serve the people and bring respectable, good, ethical and transparent honest government back to city hall.

“Birmingham needs a true servant leader. Birmingham needs government leaders that will serve the people and not themselves. The last few decades our citizens have seen a decline in their quality of life—96 out of 99 neighborhoods have been neglected, and this neglect has gone on for too many years.

“Other than the city center and a few neighborhoods, the rest of the city is uncared for. You can drive around and see for yourself. It is not right, and it needs to change.”

What is your background, education and experience?

“I have served my country and community for 35 years. I am a veteran, having served my country as a United States Navy dental technician, and I also served as a United States Marine Corps combat medic stationed with infantry units.

“I received an honorable discharge with medals for military service. I was once a premed student and briefly studied business. I received a bachelor’s in theology and Bible with an emphasis on pastoral ministry and counseling.

“My community service, both professional and volunteer, includes:  Alabama Youth Homes, A.G. Gaston Nursing Home, National AIDS Fund, St. Vincent’s Home Health and Hospice, Oak Grove Baptist Church Hwy 119, Alabama Animal Adoption Society, Firehouse Shelter, Spirit of Luke Ministries, Birmingham Health Care for the Homeless, Care First Hospice, Mission Birmingham, Christian Service Mission, AIDS Alabama, Lakeside Hospice, ARC of Jefferson County, Christians Concerned for Prisoners and the Sickle Cell Foundation.

“Currently I serve at Impact Family Counseling, working with family courts in Birmingham and Bessemer and community outreach in impoverished areas of the city, providing case management with the Fatherhood Initiative.”

What are the top three issues Birmingham is facing as a community, and how do you intend to address them?


“Crime, failing school systems and city and county corruption, (that include) pay-for-play politics, which have left our neighborhoods and infrastructure in shambles.

“I intend to provide domestic violence, anger management and conflict resolution programs to all of our communities through our city council districts.

“I also intend to emphasize well-trained community policing with adequate staffing and community involvement, along with giving our school system unprecedented support. I want to ensure thatthe highest ethical standards are the norm at city hall.”

For more information about Brother Fernandez Sims, check out this link to his campaign website.


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