Bham Now’s interview with Birmingham City Council member Kim Rafferty

What do you know about Kim Rafferty, Birmingham’s current District 2  city councilor? Did you know that she’s a candidate, too?

Kim Rafferty Birmingham City Council member and candidate District 2
Kim Rafferty, Birmingham’s District 2 city councilor. Photo submitted.

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Birmingham City Council Candidates and Neighborhoods District 2

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Candidate Interview

When did you officially announce your candidacy and where/how did you do it?

I will announce once the election is officially declared by the election committee, consisting of the mayor, the council president and the city clerk. This announcement should be forthcoming within the next 30 days.  I do intend to run, but as of now my focus is centered on doing my job as the elected councilor of the Birmingham City Council District 2.

What is the name of your principal campaign committee?

Candidates, once registered, must form a campaign committee, which consists of a manager, a secretary and a treasurer.  I have chosen who will serve in those positions and will file accordingly at the appropriate time.”

Why do you want to run for Birmingham City Council?

“I have several programs and objectives I am working to bring to fruition.  The vision and forward movement of the city, her business and potential for growth is exciting to be a part of. Some of the initiatives that I am working on include:

  • The formation of a district-wide chamber of commerce
  • Resolving issues of blight
  • Increasing residential potential
  • Working to improve city infrastructure throughout District 2
  • Growing veteran and elderly initiatives 
  • The successful implementation of the BirminghamPort project under the leadership of the Birmingham-Jefferson Port Authority
  • Establishing a priority-based budgeting system that will realize cost savings, increased efficiency in public services and resolving the conundrum of bad budgeting”
More Questions And Answers

What is your background, education and experience?

I am widowed and the proud mother of two quite unique and successful individuals in their own right. I have an associate’s degree in human resources from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor’s of Science in history with a minor in English from UAB.

“As for community work, I founded Airport Neighbors United in 1999 to resolve issues with Airport blight and negative impacts on residential areas surrounding the Birmingham Airport.  

“Until the passing of my husband, I did serve in a variety of volunteer positions in my children’s schools, our church and other social service groups such as Meals on Wheels.”

How will you foster a healthy, working relationship between the mayor’s office and the Birmingham City Council/city hall?

“Information, communication and the willingness to listen and compromise is essential.  I meet with the mayor, his office and department heads regularly to coordinate each action or issue this office is given, working on or advocating.  

“As for the body of the council, it can be quite taxing at times to gather such a diverse group, but each of us attempts to keep the lines of communication open between both offices.  I work under the belief that we must represent our district first and foremost, but we must also consider the impact and future of the City. I do not make quid-pro-quo deals but weigh each decision based on fact, practicality and effectiveness.”

How will you accomplish transparency with the residents of Birmingham, if elected?

“Transparency in a campaign and in public service is required under state law and should be standard operating procedure.  All questions will be answered to the best of my ability.

“To be an effective councilor, one must be excruciatingly honest and thorough, admit when mistakes are made and work hard to stay focused on the charge of the office,  as well as government.

“Government is a business operation; you must understand your charge, acknowledge your limitations and find ways to make the system work for you.”

What district are you running for and what area does that cover?

“District 2 is the largest and most diverse council district in Birmingham. It encompasses the neighborhoods of Huffman, Roebuck, Roebuck Springs/South Roebuck, South Eastlake, Brown Springs, Eastwood, Crestwood South, Crestline, Liberty Highlands, and Overton.”

The Birmingham municipal elections are scheduled for August 22.
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