Woodlawn Neighborhood Association VP running for Birmingham city council

23-year-old Sergio Williams has declared his intent to run in the Birmingham City Council race for District 4. What do we know about this 2012 Woodlawn High graduate?

Sergio Williams is running for Birminghams city council in District 4 submitted photo. Woodlawn Neighborhood Association VP running for Birmingham city council
Sergio Williams is running for Birmingham’s city council in District 4, submitted photo.

By the way, Hi, District 4! This is your first candidate to announce his intention to run. Your current councilor is  William Parker.

These neighborhoods are in District 4: Airport Highlands, Brownsville Heights, Brumitt Heights, Collegeville, East Birmingham, Harriman Park, Fairmont, Inglenook, Killough Springs (Also part of  District 1), Kingston, North Avondale, Eastlake, North Norwood, Maple Grove, Penfield Park, Pine Knoll Vista, Woodlawn, and Zion City.

If you want to find out which district you live in, and who else has declared their intents to run, please check out my post about all the candidates. It also covers information about your specific councilor and neighborhood.

My last city council candidate interview featured Kimberly Jeanty. Be sure to give it a read, especially if you live in District 2.

Looking at you District 2: Huffman, Liberty Highlands, Roebuck Springs-South Roebuck, Roebuck, South East Lake, Brown Springs, Oak Ridge Park, Eastwood, Crestwood South, Crestline, Overton and a part of East Lake. Your current city councilor for District 2 is Kim Rafferty.

Birmingham City Council 2017 Election Graphic 2 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association VP running for Birmingham city council

Each potential candidate was emailed the same questions, and I’m meeting with each of them in person. Here’s our interview with Williams:

When did you officially announce your candidacy and where/how did you do it?

“March 27, 2017 was when I officially announced from my Facebook page .”

What is the name of your principle campaign committee?

“Sergio Williams PCC.”

Why do you want to run for Birmingham City Council?

“In my district and in the city of Birmingham as a whole, the youth from ages 18 to 30 are poorly represented. Our elected officials never go to our kids or youth and ask for their opinion or input. I decided to run because I wanted to be an example of how we can make a change and differences in our neighborhoods by involving and bring the youth to the table. When theirs a fair representation of all age groups, Races, and sex we have balance and that’s what we in need in district 4.”

What is your background, education and experience?

“I am a graduate from the Woodlawn High School class of 2012. I went to work right after school and began being active at city hall and in my community. I am the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Vice President, and I am chairman of the Education committee as well.”

How will you foster a healthy, working relationship between the mayor’s office and the Birmingham City Council/city hall?

“I believe a team works well when everyone knows their role and their part and sticks to his job and role. I plan on being a great team player by being the best I can be at my position, as well giving help and not trying do anyone else’s job.”

How will you accomplish transparency with the residents of Birmingham, if elected?

“Transparency is very big to me because I know how it feels being on the other end and having the feeling of not being informed on what’s going on or not being involved in that process.”

What district are you running for and what area does that cover?
“I am running for District 4, which consists of neighborhoods such as East Lake, East Birmingham, Woodlawn, South Woodlawn, Oak Ridge Park, Norwood, North Birmingham and North Avondale.”
The Birmingham municipal elections are scheduled for August 22, and June 23 is the last day that the Jefferson County Election Commission has to officially call the upcoming election. That means that these interviews are with potential candidates. After the commission declares the official date, each declared candidate will sign an affidavit at the Jefferson County Probate Court and pay their filing fee. Then it’s time for the real race to begin.
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