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Balcony Envy, Your Personal Cheerleader, introducing the ‘Gram of the Week + more.

Frizzy hair, mosquitoes and a busy calendar. Let’s catch you up:

July 19th.

‘Gram of the Week:
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Sloss Fest 2017 – CHECK. Photo by @louis.fort

Balcony Envy
Birmingham’s recent renaissance has resulted in demand for urban living. Demand to the tune of 10+ multi-family developments, 1,900 units, and over $400 million in building costs. We saw the developments halt in ’08 due to obvious cash reasons, and almost ten years later we’re catching back up. But who is actually living in these swanky apartments? Studies show that Young Professionals (25-34 with at least a bachelor’s degree) and Baby Boomers/Empty Nesters make up a bulk of the neighborhood. Do you live downtown? Or would you ever move downtown?  We want to know.

Connecting Communities
On 280, there’s a tiny overpass that connects Homewood and Mountain Brook. You know the one—the bridge beside the famous Hollywood sign. Known as a “quirky” exit, and by “quirky” I mean dangerous, you’ll often see runners and cyclists in addition to cars on the already narrow bridge. When you have to hope and pray you don’t get edged off the bridge every time you cross, something has to change. Thanks to Homewood City Councilor Jennifer Andress, the community has now secured a grant from the state to conduct an engineering and feasibility study to improve vehicle and pedestrian use of the bridge. Will some old graves need to be exhumed?

Literally Cannot Roll With the Homies
Norfolk Southern might roll in almost 2,000 jobs statewide, but that also means that some residents of Trussville literally can’t roll out of their neighborhood. The neighborhood of Trussville Springs is blocked in by railways, and that means regularly getting stuck at a train no matter if you’re late for work, in labor, or in desperate need of dialysis. The only option when the trains halt on the tracks is to call emergency services to unlock a non-public Norfolk emergency exit. ALDOT approved a new entrance ten years ago, but Norfolk Southern still hasn’t accepted the proposal. Argh.

Your Personal Cheerleader
This week’s #SmallBizSpotlight shines bright on Encouragement Encounters, even though owner Sherri Ross is the true shining star. Encouragement Encounters is a unique business that caters to customers by giving you pep-talks, cheering you on, and telling you how awesome you are. Because you deserve it! Each Encounter is a completely customized one-on-one session with Sherri and her contagious, uplifting spirit. Clients even get to leave with the cutest certificate of completion and a selfie with Sherri. I’ve got all the warm fuzzies. Sherri is most proud of her 100% satisfaction rate so far, and we’re so very proud to have her in Birmingham. But seriously, 100% satisfaction rate?  Round of applause.

Making Statues Less Creepy, and More Inspirational
Many know us by Vulcan, but there are tons of statues of notable people sprawled across our urban landscape. We’ve got Civil Rights figures, University Founders, sports and music figures, and humanitarians/locals (you gotta know about Miss Nina). Go on a semi-virtual tour to check out the first part of our guide to Birmingham statues.

The Avondale Guide to Doing Awesome Stuff
If you’re the type of person who goes out, but sticks to the same, comfortable dining and drinking spots, you’re not alone. It’s easy to head to Avondale and hit your favorite BBQ joint (Saw’s) and grab a beer at the Brewery or Saturn and call it a night. Although I definitely approve of that type of night, there is still so much to eat, see, drink, and do in Avondale. We’ve got an ultimate guide to doing it all in Avondale. We’ve listed out everything there is to do so all you have to do is choose what you want to try next. It’s easier than (Post Office) pie.

Laugh it up, Fuzzball
Honestly, I didn’t know the comedy scene was so vast in Birmingham, and learning about it sent me straight down a rabbit hole. I acquired a list of upcoming shows I’m interested in seeing, one of them being The Magic City T’Night Show. The very first Show happened last week at Saturn, and Producer Liz gave us the low down. The Birmingham-focused variety show cracked jokes and one-liners that locals may or may not have snort-laughed at. I dunno, but I definitely want to be one of those snort-laughers next time.

Seafood Diet. See food & I eat it.
Ensley just secured an expansion of the largest seafood distributor in the Southeast. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Inland Fresh Seafood Corp. of America already has a regional office in Ensley, but saw potential in the city. City Council passed the $4.4 million in loan guarantees, grants, and tax abatement as long as Inland holds up on the deal with 150 new hires over 10 years. Shrimp—it’s what’s for dinner.

Lots of rain = lots of mosquitoes.
Summertime comes and the bugs think you are delicious and/or out to get them. So they attack. “They” being mosquitoes, ticks, bees, wasps, chiggers and spiders. We spoke to Dr. Joseph Jolly of Greenvale Pediatrics through Children’s of Alabama to get some tips on prevention and treatment of bug bites. I got bit by a brown recluse (aka, a no-no spider) when I was younger so I don’t mess around with creepy crawlies. Honestly, I’m itching after just reading this article. But it’s totally necessary, so I’m passing it along for the greater good. Don’t let the bugs bite ya (but if they do, we know just the fix).

Taking the “pain” out of campaign
Making your local election research a whole lot easier.

Producer James wants us to keep the Internet weird while teaching us a little bit about Net Neutrality. Necessary info, y’all. Read and understand.

Top 3 Events This Week

  • UAB Football Helmets & Heels @ the new UAB Football Operations Center and Legacy Pavilion. Friday, July 21st. 8:30AM-1PM. $30 includes breakfast, lunch, t-shirt, and tour.
  • Half-Price Summer Fun Days @ Birmingham Zoo. Saturday, July 22nd. 9AM-7PM. $8 = most expensive admission ticket.
  • Customer Appreciation @ Red Hills Brewing Company. July 23rd. Noon till the food is gone. FREE.

PLUS: Check out Producer Vicky’s top 10 picks for the week.

Want more? We’ve been busy adding over 3,000 events to the Bham Now calendar.

Guide: NEW! Five 5Ks in August to start training for now
Weather: Same ol’, same ol’. You’re gonna sweat and you’re gonna get wet and your hair is gonna frizz. High temps will finally crack 90 degrees, with lows in the low 70s. Expect some rain to start off the beginning of next week (surprise!).
Eat: Chinese duck nachos (wontons, roasted duck, kimchi queso, cilantro, & jalapeno) from EastWest, the brand spankin’ new Asian-American restaurant on 2nd Ave N.
Job: Installation Technician @ AT&T. Apply.
Adorable and Adoptable: Meet Henry (top) and Snowball (bottom). Henry has the cutest ‘Yoda’ ears and Snowball’s name is obviously very fitting. Adopt them from the GBHS and love them forevs.
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I’m considering going to a farmers market this weekend, given the possibility that I actually wake up early enough on a Saturday to be outwardly productive and social. I’ve got a need for some fresh flowers.

As always, thanks for reading Bham Now.

Hunter Holland, Producer
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