Can you pass this millennial speak test Birmingham?

Bham Now team photo Can you pass this millennial speak test Birmingham?
The Bham Now team lookin like a snack! Photo by Matthew Niblett

In the era of Lizzo and Tik Tok’s (R.I.P Vine…it’s an app for those who aren’t familiar), it’s kind of hard to keep up with the latest slang. Whether you’re a millennial (1981- 1996) or a Gen-Zer (1997-2010s), there’s always new lingo to learn. Shout out to the Bham Now team for their input and keeping me up to date. Let’s test your knowledge Birmingham! How much millennial slang do you really know?

1. Yeet  😛 

Verb: to physically throw something as hard as you can

Exclamation: Express excitement, victory, or adrenaline rush

Honestly, this word can be used for just about anything. Need a one-word reply? YEET! Agreeing with someone? YEET!

Let’s hit up the new brewery, Ferus Artisan Ales, in Trussville. YEET!”

2. Tea 🐸☕️

Noun: gossip, scandal

Verb: When one “spills the tea”, you’re disclosing all the best gossip you have to offer

“I heard the Vulcan got turned down for the role of Iron Man. That’s the tea!”

3. Stan

Noun: a huge fan

Verb: to admire or idolize

“The Flying Biscuit serves breakfast ALL DAY LONG?! I stan!

4. And I oop

Okay, I have to give more credit to Gen-Zers for this one, but I just had to include it! It originated from Jasmine Waters and made cringe-worthy by VSCO girls.

Verb: When something catches you off guard

5. Clutch

Adj: perfect, exactly what you need at the right time

“Dude! The Cantina on Wheels’ Truck Fries came in clutch after a long day at work.”

6. Slaps

Verb: to be 100%, amazingly good, out of this world

“Bruh the brunch scene in Birmingham slaps!”

7. Snack

Noun: someone or something who looks really good or attractive

“A little birdy told me that Vulcan thinks Electra is a WHOLE snack!”

8. Woke

Adj: being up to date or conscious about social trends, issues, and injustices

“I always make it a point to keep up with international news. Gotta stay woke my friends!”

9. Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Adj: Crazy good, incredible

waffle wednesday at forge Edited Can you pass this millennial speak test Birmingham?
Drooling may occur! Via Bham Now’s Instagram story archives

“Waffle Wednesday at Forge is FIRE!”

10. Dope

Adj: The coolest thing like EVER

” The new Lakeshore Premiere LUX Cine’ has the largest theater screen in Alabama and motion-controlled seats. That’s gotta be the most dope movie theatre in Bham right now!”

11. On fleek

On fleek was originally used to describe perfectly-groomed eyebrows and to my knowledge was made famous by a Vine

Adj: Extremely good, attractive, stylish

“Shout out to fellow Bham Nower, Gabi! Her eye makeup is ALWAYS on fleek!”

12. Send it

Verb: to do something with complete and total confidence. To just do it!

“Yo should I register for the Vulcan Run 10k?”

“Well you can’t even run for 5 minutes without getting winded, but send it!”

13. Secure the bag

Verb: taking or obtaining something of value or something you desire. To accomplish a goal.

“Fellow Bham Nower Hannah just got engaged…in NYC…on the Hudson River. Not only is that GOALS AF (as fudge😉), but she secured the bag!”

14. No cap

Noun…maybe: No lie. Emphasizing that you’re telling the truth and nothing but the truth

“Jack Brown’s hands down has one of the best burgers in Birmingham. No cap”

15. Clap back 👏

Noun: A comeback, but with more sass. Basically the millennial version of “retort”

“If you yell ‘War Eagle’ at a Southern woman wearing houndstooth, expect the harshest clap back of your life.”

Millennial slang article
Bham Now team stays flexin’! Photo by Matthew Niblett

16. Flex  😎

Verb: To brag. To stunt. To show off your valuables in a not so humble way.

The Vulcan stays flexin’ on Birmingham.”

17. Dead 💀

Verb: Past the point of being amused. The word you use when you find something hilarious.

This word can also be used sarcastically. Be careful when doing this. It can sting!

“Have you seen that video where the Bham Now team tries really weird food? Like someone even ate squid!”

“LMAO their reactions had me dead!”

18. Salty

Verb: Upset, bitter, or angry over something small

“A lot of people were salty that Jalen Hurts transferred to Oklahoma, but Roll Tide forever baby!”

19. Shade

Noun: Casual, often disrespectful manner of insulting or acting towards someone

In Birmingham or just the South in general, if someone says “Oh, Bless your heart”, they’re probably throwing some shade!

Bham Now team Can you pass this millennial speak test Birmingham?
This picture is just one big MOOD! Just millennials being millennials… Photo by Matthew Niblett

20. Mood

Used to express that something is relatable. Similar to using “Same”.

“You know that feeling when you have enough battery percentage to roll over on the other side of the bed?”

“Yes! Now that’s a mood.”

21. Yaasss

Way of saying “yes” but with 1000% more enthusiasm

“I can get free delivery from Waitr by using the code: BHAMNOW?! Yaassssss!”

22. Gucci

Indicates that something is good, great, awesome, chill

“Hey! How’s everything been?”

“Everything’s gucci! I’ve just been busy living my best life.”

23. Lit

When something is turned up, amazing, popping

The state of being so intoxicated that you reach a state of euphoria

Have you seen the lineup for Moonstone Festival? It’s LIT

24. Trash

Noun: a way of criticizing someone or something

“Hey have you been to that new sushi restaurant?”

“Nah dude. I heard it’s trash.”

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