15 Birmingham food trucks you should try

The perfect combination: live music and Fryer Truck fries. Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

Birmingham is home to delicious food—and some of it’s on wheels! No matter what you’re craving, Birmingham will have a food truck for you. Keep reading for just a few of Birmingham’s many food trucks you should plan to check out, plus their social media so you can find them yourselves! 

1. Little London Kitchen 

Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

This food truck is new to Birmingham, and Bham Now is already a huge fan. Little London Kitchen serves British comfort cuisine—think fish and chips, meat pies, and amazing sandwiches—all from a red double decker bus! Check their Facebook or their Instagram to see where they’re located along with their menu. 

2. Heavenly Donut Co 

Looks like I need to make a donut run ASAP. Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

What works as dessert and breakfast? Donuts, of course! With Vincent van Dough, the Heavenly Donut Co food truck, you can live the best of both worlds and order enough donuts to last all day! Try out their donut of the month (currently apple pie) or order a classic option like chocolate with sprinkles. Keep up with the storefront and food truck on Facebook and Instagram

3. Eugene’s Hot Chicken

Photo via Eugene’s Hot Chicken on Facebook

Don’t miss out on amazing hot chicken — try out Eugene’s Hot Chicken food truck! Their menu includes all of the chicken you could want, including wings, chicken sandwiches and the classic chicken and waffles. You can find this food truck by following the hashtag #whereseugene or by keeping up on Facebook and Instagram

4. Cantina on Wheels

The most photogenic taco you’ll ever see. Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

Find Cantina on Wheels, order the chicken taco and thank me later! Everything on this food truck’s menu is delicious, plus with the size of their tacos, you can get a wide variety. I can’t wait to introduce this truck to my friends — with meat and veggie options, everyone will find something they love. Cantina on Wheels updates their locations on their website and on their Facebook

5. Wasabi Juan To Go

A Baron’s game + a sushi burrito sound like the perfect combination. Photo via Wasabi Juan To Go on Facebook

Wasabi Juan’s is the home of the south’s sushi burritos, and their food truck takes these burritos to go! Their menu includes a variety of foods that will satisfy any craving, from their famous sushi burritos to poké. Plus, you can order their frushi dessert for a sweet treat in your favorite form! You can keep up with their Facebook for updates on their location and their weekly menu. 

6. Nuzzi Italian Gelato 

The perfect treat on a summer day. Photo via Nuzzi Gelato on Facebook

What’s better than a sweet, creamy gelato? Sweet, creamy gelato made with high-quality ingredients! Their gelato comes in the classic flavors of chocolate and custard, along with unique options like stracciatella (chocolate chip) and cappuccino (perfect for your afternoon caffeine boost). If you’re dairy free, check out their fruit sorbettos. They share their schedule on Facebook. 

7. Devil Dawgs

Ready for some funnel fries yet? Photo via Devil Dawgs on Facebook

Don’t save your favorite fair food just for a special occasion! Devil Dawgs serves up some of the best options from hot dogs and chili dogs to nachos. It might be hard to choose which dessert you want — funnel cake or fried oreos? Go with friends or family, and split them all! Devil Dawgs shares their menu and location on Facebook

8. City Bowls 

Cheers to acai bowls! Photo via City Bowls on Facebook

If you’re constantly craving something sweet but you want a healthier option, you probably know all about acai bowls. Birmingham has no shortage of places to grab this superfood, and of course a food truck is on the list! With a storefront and a truck, City Bowls offers delicious acai bowls and smoothies. Find out where the truck is located on their Facebook

9. Fetch

Don’t forget about your pets when you’re stopping at food trucks! Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

When you’re checking out these food trucks, don’t forget a treat for your best friend — your pet! Fetch is a treat truck for dogs that shares delicious, healthy treats for your dog. They have options like dog biscuits, cakes, and even ice cream safe for dogs! Keep up with them on their Facebook.  

10. Cheezin’ Gourmet Grilled Cheese

The Birmingham Melt from Cheezin. Photo via Cheezin on Facebook

You might recognize Cheezin’ from one of Bham Now’s newest posts all about grilled cheese! No more sandwiches with American cheese and white bread — this food truck offers every grilled cheese you could imagine. Their menu is full of different sandwiches like a steak melt and a pizza melt. I’m definitely adding the pesto chicken melt to my must-try list! Find their location on Facebook

11. Fryer Truck

What comes to those who wait? Amazing fries! Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

If you like it, fry it. Fryer Truck has some of your favorite meals, and it puts them in an egg roll and fries them! Their current menu includes a buffalo chicken egg roll (yum), cheeseburger egg roll, philly cheesesteak egg roll and even a cheesecake egg roll. Sign me up! Plus, their fries with special sauce are a must-have. Trust me on this one. Check out their Facebook for their menu and locations. 

12. K & J’s Elegant Pastries

When you see this bright pink truck, you know you’re in for a treat. Photo via K & J’s Elegant Pastries on Facebook

You’ve probably seen the decadent milkshakes and cupcakes from this food truck online before! This cake shop serves amazing treats that will be almost too beautiful to eat… Almost. Look for the pink truck on their Instagram to see location announcements. 

13. Saw’s Street Kitchen

Photo via Saw’s Street Kitchen on Facebook

Satisfy your BBQ cravings with a visit to Saw’s Street Kitchen food truck! Saw’s has four popular storefront locations in Birmingham, and their food truck is a welcome addition to the lineup. Saw’s Street Kitchen menu includes BBQ sandwiches, ribs, stuffed baked potatoes, and all the sides your heart could desire. Follow along on their Facebook to keep up with their location. 

14. Tamale Queen

Photo via Tamale Queen on Facebook

If you’re looking for some amazing handmade tamales, make sure to keep up with Tamale Queen on Facebook and Instagram! This food truck specializes in homemade tamales, tacos, and burritos. Looking at their feed has me majorly craving a platter. 

15. Nola Ice

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Photo by Marie Ghossein for Bham Now

Beat the heat on a Birmingham summer day with a visit to Nola Ice for some sweet New Orlean’s style shaved ice and snow cones! These snow cones are perfectly refreshing in the Alabama heat, and they have every flavor you could want. Keep up with their Facebook to find their locations! 

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