modern Vulcan head

What is Bham Now?  

Bham Now is the modern, mobile guide to Birmingham.

Why the head?

The teal, bearded head looks like most guys we run into at the local breweries.

What is our mission? 

Bham Now’s mission is to help create a better, smarter, healthier and more fun Birmingham for everyone.

What is our focus?  

Bham Now covers start-up businesses, local jobs, arts, education, wellness, nature, events and all things that impact the growth of the Birmingham Metro!

How do we do this?   

Bham Now publishes digital media that is engaging, has utility and is actionable for the active person, in Birmingham.

In addition, Bham Now hosts the BOLD Speaker Series, featuring locals who have stepped forward in significant ways to make Birmingham better.

What do we offer clients?  

Bham Now believes that advertising must be as fun and informative as any other content. We have experience in producing content for our partners that speaks to the Birmingham audience.We also know how to promote that content to achieve the goals of our clients.

Bham Now is locally owned & operated.  We are totally invested in making Birmingham better.

Bham Now will work one on one with your team to create premium, custom content to promote your company’s services, products, jobs, properties, events, and corporate branding. In addition to reaching our fast growing audience, Bham Now will promote your content through our vast social media channels.

Want to find out more about our partnerships?  E-mail us at hello@bhamnow.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Bham Now’s Actively Engaged Audience:

  • bhamnow.com. Over 300K unique visitors per month to our web site!  (via weblog)
  • Social.  Over 75k social media followers.
  • Reach.  Bham Now’s Facebook reach alone is over 300K per month.
  • Socially Engaged. On average 2K to 4K engagements per week on social media
  • Gender: 60%  female.
  • Mobile. 75% visit from their mobile devices*

*Google analytics 9/2018

Who’s behind Bham Now?

Cindy Martin, Founder and President
Wade Cline, Business Development Manager
Pat Byington, Content Director
Cary Estes, Writer
Cary Estes, Writer
Patience Itson, Content Producer
Jacob Blankenship, Social Media Content Producer
Terri Robertson, Content Producer
Holly Moore, Content Producer

Bham Now’s logo was created by Min Sun Lee, Birmingham artist.

Want to produce content for Bham Now?  We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us at hello@bhamnow.com

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