5 reasons to raise your glass to Vulcan. New beer and wine options after 5PM on the weekend

New beer and wine options at Vulcan Park and Museum snack and beverage kiosk
The new snack kiosk at Vulcan Park and Museum. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now


When is there not a good time to visit Vulcan? We just can’t think of any! He’s the largest cast-iron statue in the world and the unifying symbol of Birmingham. Here are 5 reasons to honor our 56-foot tall friend, including a new snack and beverage kiosk at Vulcan Park and Museum where you can enjoy cold drinks in the hot sun, and a glass of wine or beer as the sun goes down.

1) Raise a glass at the weekends for sunset and stay to watch Vulcan’s sound-to-light show

Snacks and drinks at Vulcan Park and Museum. snack and beverage kiosk
Grab a snack and a beverage while you’re at the feet of Vulcan. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

If you haven’t been to Vulcan Park and Museum lately, you need to know there’s now a snack and beverage kiosk which is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-9.30PM.

Friends socializing at Vulcan Park and Museum, Birmingham, Alabama with snacks , drinks and beverages from new kiosk
Relax with friends and take in the views of Birmingham. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The kiosk sells a selection of chips, Steel City Pops, Coca-Cola products, coffee, cold brew and after 5PM craft beer and wine.

It’s such a great spot to unwind on the weekend with one of the best views over downtown Birmingham – just find a reason to say cheers!

View of downtown Birmingham, ,Alabama from Vulcan park and Museum. Now with snack and beverage kiosk
One of the best views of downtown Birmingham is from Vulcan. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

As the days start to get dark earlier, be sure to get there in time to watch a gorgeous Birmingham sunset.

Friends enjoying the viewpoint at Vulcan park and Museum
Enjoying the views at Vulcan with snacks and beverages. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Stay around after dark to see and hear a special sound-to-light show at 9PM  every Friday and Saturday, featuring well-known classic songs. (Would you be able to guess one of the tracks if we said “Roll, Tide, Roll”?)

If you can’t make it at the weekend, you can always enjoy a 90-second “visual-chime” (lighting effects with no music) which happens at the top of every hour on weekdays, from 8PM-12AM (start time depends on the season).

2) Take Vulcan with you on your travels!

A Vulcan Bobblehead in London, England
Little Vulcan on his travels in London, England. Photo via @instagrambham

Represent Birmingham on your travels by taking a little Vulcan with you and snapping him in your vacation photos! 

Available from Vulcan Park and Museum, the Bobblehead Vulcan is a must-have gift and travel buddy (buy here).

At 8” tall complete with a bobbling head and bobbling buns (Ha!) he’s small enough to take in your ‘carry on’ or place him safely under your car seat!

@instagramBham has been snapping some cool photos of little Vulcan in Positano, Italy (L) and in Portugal (R).

Vulcan Park and Museum would love to see even more photos – whether you’re traveling around the world or traveling locally.

Use #vulcanabroad and/or #vulcantravels and tag @visitvulcan!

Read our previous story – Birmingham’s Bobblehead Vulcan is now part of the Bobblehead Hall of Fame

Vulcan Bobblehead inside the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum
Vulcan Bobblehead inside the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

3) Vulcan is the official mascot for The World Games 2021

Vulcan statue with Birmingham in the background
Vulcan points to the sky and towards The World Games 2021. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

We’re all looking forward to The World Games 2021 being held in Birmingham in two years and very excited that Vulcan has been announced as the official mascot.

A special representation of Vulcan will be revealed later this year and will appear at the events leading up to and during The Games.

“As Vulcan stands for Birmingham – All of Birmingham – it is a great honor to have him represent the United States during The World Games 2021”, said Darlene Negrotto, Vulcan Park and Museum President and CEO.

4) The 15th Annual Vulcan AfterTunes kicks off  Sept. 22nd. Save 20% on advance general admission tickets!

Band singing on stage with downtown Birmingham in background
Vulcan AfterTunes attracts a large crowd to watch bands play in front of a great city view. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

The annual music event attracts hundreds of people to enjoy cool live music, craft brews, amazing city views and of course, Vulcan. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and enjoy the vibe!

General admission tickets are $12 in advance ($15 on the day) and include admission to the concert, Vulcan Center Museum and Vulcan’s Observation Tower.

Gates open at 2PM; Opening acts at 3PM; Main act begins at 4PM.

This year’s Vulcan Aftertunes dates and artist lineup are:

September 22, Logan Ledger; September 29, Griffin House; October 6, Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram

Poster for Vulcan AfterTunes 2019 lineup
Vulcan AfterTunes lineup for 2019. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

To buy tickets and for more info about the event and artists, visit www.vulcanaftertunes.com 

5) Vulcan represented the entire state for The Alabama Bicentennial Fireworks Show

Fireworks go off above Vulcan statue in Birmingham, Alabama
Heather Scott’s winning photo from 2019’s fireworks photos competition with ‘Most Votes’. Via Vulcan Park and Museum

Vulcan Park and Museum hosted the Alabama Bicentennial Fireworks Show on July 4th – the biggest and best display ever held at Vulcan Park.

Thousands gathered in Birmingham’s communities and tuned in on TV (and Bham Now) to celebrate our nation’s birthday and Alabama’s 200th anniversary.

Read our story that went behind the scenes to see what 2,500 fireworks look like before being launched above Vulcan.

We’re looking forward to July 4th, 2020 already! Wow – will it really be 2020 already?!

Couple kiss under fireworks
Vulcan Park and Museum’s ‘staff favorite’ 2019 fireworks pic by Andrew.C Freeman Photography. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum


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