Come see 7 Velocity Accelerator startups pitch at Demo Day 2018


The teams at Mixtroz’ Rooster & Butch watch party-via Velocity Accelerator

On Monday, April 23rd, seven promising startups will take the stage at Iron City to make their pitch to investors and the community. The startups will present their progress from the program and their vision for the future.  Velocity Accelerator Demo Day, presented by Regions Bank, is FREE and open to everyone – although you must register, so act fast because seats are limited!

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GLOW: another exciting Birmingham startup that saves consumers precious time

Jim and Yazmin Cavale. Founders of GLOW. Via FB.

Some of the most successful startups and those often earning record profits and eventually selling for many millions are based on apps that facilitate. Apps that connect the consumer or user with a service provider, ones that save the consumer time…and simply make life easier.

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Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017

Investor Conference 2017This year’s Investor Conference was hosted at Iron City in conjunction with the Birmingham Venture Club and the Velocity Accelerator’s Demo Day. The Investor Conference hosted attendees from around the Southeast interested in investment opportunities and networking between fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers in the area.  Continue reading “Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017”

Birmingham startups in final stretch of Velocity program

Velocity Demo Day is just around the corner, and the nine startups are gearing up to present! In our last article, we introduced five companies. Here, we’re introducing the last four of the 2017 Velocity startups that will present at Iron City on Tuesday.

No longer a social faux pas? – via

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Local Startup, Planet Fundraiser, hits major funding within the Velocity Accelerator

Planet Fundraiser, nurtured within the Innovation Depot and further in the Velocity Accelerator, experience a major expansion into Atlanta a couple of months ago.

In the same way, another expansion has been occurred, amounting up to $1 million.

Planet Fundraiser is Expanding
via Kathleen Hamrick

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Birmingham increases its Velocity

Via Micheal Tomberlin

While I was talking to Estes Gould, the program manager for Birmingham’s Velocity startup accelerator, I was introduced to Jack West.  Jack is intense, he’s a people person, and he’s got a positively sunny outlook.  Maybe it’s the excitement of his company being on the end stretch of a fast-track program, having the potential to make it big in something nobody had thought of before.  Maybe it was the impending “graduation,” the big public reveal on the 18th, that he and his team were preparing for.

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Elite Birmingham startups prepare to strut their stuff

Velocity Office Birmingham
I visited the Velocity office during lunch, so pictures were A-OK – via James Ozment

The Birmingham startup scene is getting a lot more interesting.  Innovation Depot, which rents space and offers in-house resources to local startups, is ready to showcase almost a dozen different graduates of its Velocity accelerator program.   Continue reading “Elite Birmingham startups prepare to strut their stuff”

Birmingham-based Planet Fundraiser expands operations into Atlanta

In the world of startups, one of the many aspirations these talented entrepreneurs have is expansion into nearby markets. It’s one thing to stay close to home, but expansion into a neighboring market is a whole new ball game.

Birmingham based tech startup, Planet Fundraiser, has conquered the first step of that feat, by expanding into Atlanta!

Planet Fundraiser
Kasey Birdsong (CEO, left) & Drew Honeycutt (COO, right) are the founders of Planet Fundraisers. They have been apart of the Velocity Accelerator since the beginning of this year. Picture by Kathleen Hamerick, Marketing Director of the Innovation Depot

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Techstars Atlanta Visits the Depot

Over the past year, many great things have been happening within the

Photo by Wade Cline

entrepreneurial district of Birmingham.

Mainly, the Innovation Depot continues to introduce new programs, companies, initiatives, and bring in major names connected to the tech startup scene.

This past Tuesday, Techstars Atlanta visited the Depot and extended an offer to its accelerator program.

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Compilation of the 5 part Guide to our Startup & Revitalization Organizations

They’re not just tech. based companies, but those that specialize in helping entrepreneurs reach their potential.

To make it easier on you to understand each org., I have compiled part 1 through 5 of the “Guide to Magic City Startup and Revitalization Organizations…”

Photo by Wade Cline

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