Birmingham businesses react to 2018 corporate tax cuts

Birmingham, Christmas
Investment in everyone, thanks to reduced tax burdens?  Via Y’all Connect

While tax cuts for corporations have been criticized in the commercial media and on many social platforms, not everything is bad!  Two of Birmingham’s largest employers have announced some form of increased compensation for their employees.

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Join us February 1 to get a Bitcoin primer. RSVP now. Limited seating.

Derek Waltchack bitcoin
Upcoming BOLD speaker Derek Waltchack invested in Bitcoin relatively early – via

Want to learn more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?  Come to Bham Now’s free BOLD speaker event February 1st at 5:50 at Avondale Brewery to hear Birmingham Bitcoin expert and miner, Derek Waltchack, talk about this movement.

We’ll also be giving away some Pinkcoin and Zcoin.

Just RSVP on Bham Now’s events page.   Derek has poured over 1,000 hours into researching cryptocurrency.  He’s formed relationships with many of those at the top of the Bitcoin mountain.  And he’s passing on what he knows to you.

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Cleaning out: what to do with all that junk lying around your house

Vinyl is a lot of fun, but takes a lot of space that you might not have. Image via April Greene

I have too many books.  Some people will immediately shout, “but there’s no such thing as too many books!”  My shelves (and floor, if things get really bad) disagree.  So every now and then, I have to get rid of the ones I know I will never re-read.   If you’re looking to make a new start in 2018 and clear out your or your vinyl, DVD, CD, or book collection, look no further than this guide!

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This week in Birmingham: New Year’s edition!

birmingham alabama string theory
Meet String Theory! – via

My family has a Christmas tradition: bacon and orange rolls for breakfast.  That leaves us all feeling a little woozy from the sugar high, but we still love it!  If you’re looking to recover from your own Christmas tradition, check out this week’s guide to what’s going on in Birmingham! Continue reading “This week in Birmingham: New Year’s edition!”

Pedal tours get a greenlight for alcohol!

birmingham alabama pedal tours
Pedal tours are set to get about 70% more alcoholic – via TripAdvisor

When pedal buses such as Birmingham Pedal Tours first hit the streets, the City Council flat out refused to let them drink while riding.  The concerns the Council brought up were that the buses would slow traffic to a crawl even without drunk peddlers.  This week, City Council members Mike Fliegel and Julie Barnard proposed scrapping that restriction.  What does that mean for Birmingham beer enthusiasts?

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Birmingham among those launching lawsuit against opioid crisis

opioid crisis
Remember that one South Park episode? – via FBI and

The City of Birmingham has joined almost 200 other municipalities in a series of lawsuits against several pharmaceutical distributors.  The reason?  These cities think that the distributors failed to take basic steps in preventing straw purchases of highly-addictive opioids, making the well-known opioid crisis worse.

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Hormonal mutant zebrafish offer insights into human heart function

daniel gorelick experiments with zebrafish hearts
Daniel Gorelick, PH.D.: the man with the plan – via

The world has noticed UAB’s commitment to expanding medical research.  UAB’s latest research runs the gamut from improving existing cancer treatments such as radiation therapy, to discovering the genetic markers of previously-unknown disorders as in the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative.  This article is about something entirely different: hormonal mutant zebrafish.

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This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

mutt cracker birmingham alabama
This week in Birmingham: dog ballet! – via

If you read this on Tuesday, December 12th, then go vote!  I won’t tell you who to vote for because you probably already know who you prefer, but just go and vote!  10 events and an anti-event are highlighted this week.  Let’s go ahead and get the anti-event out of the way: “All Birmingham Public Library locations are closed December 14 for Inventory Day.”  Now on to the fun stuff! Continue reading “This week in Birmingham: December 14-20”

Birmingham-based FBI agent David Archey joins Mueller team

donald trump. you know who he is.
How long will he stay smug? – via

After dismissing a senior member of the Trump investigation for what sources describe as dangerous partisanship, Robert Mueller has recruited a new team member.  Peter Strzok’s political sentiments may have cast doubts on the integrity of Mueller’s investigation.  But now, David Archey will hopefully work effectively and without preconceived notions of what is or isn’t true. Continue reading “Birmingham-based FBI agent David Archey joins Mueller team”

As World AIDS Day approaches, Birmingham prepares to remember and continues to support

world aids day birmingham alabama

AIDS is no longer the death sentence it once was.  In fact, with careful management, people living with AIDS can live almost entirely normal lives.  With World AIDS Day (which promotes awareness, not AIDS) approaching, what are Birminghamians doing? Continue reading “As World AIDS Day approaches, Birmingham prepares to remember and continues to support”

ISS over BHM

international space station
Astronauts aboard the ISS today are probably still recovering from turkey overdosage, but on a typical day they study the effects of microgravity on plants, insects, and more – via

The International Space Station made a pass over the Magic City last night!  It’s so weird that we almost don’t think about how there are humans living in space for years on end.   Bham Now collected some photos off of social media, here’s what went on: Continue reading “ISS over BHM”

AT&T’s Fixed Wireless rollout begins its second stage

AT&T Birmingham
Will you be able to walk in a store and buy a home internet connection one day? via AT&T

While Birmingham might be excited about fiber finally lighting up, other areas of Alabama have little to no internet access… yet.  Thanks to a FCC program, Connect America, almost everyone in even rural areas of Alabama will have access to broadband.   Continue reading “AT&T’s Fixed Wireless rollout begins its second stage”

Birmingham Top Ten, Thanksgiving Edition: November 16 – 22

I just really like the photoshop job here

Prepare for Thanksgiving, help the BORG, solve a hilarious murder, all in a single week!  And on a totally unrelated note, check out some guy I found on Youtube “securely erasing” computer hard drives with thermite!  Don’t worry, securing your devices for recycling doesn’t always require welding supplies – it’s just more fun that way.  Here’s what’s up in Birmingham: Continue reading “Birmingham Top Ten, Thanksgiving Edition: November 16 – 22”

Railroad Park’s ice rink re-opens soon

ice skating birmingham alabama railroad park
Ice skating at night? When else would you? – via

Ice skating outdoors might not seem like a typical Birmingham, Alabama activity.  After all, our Novembers regularly reach 70 degrees!  But Railroad Park aims to change that – for a while.  The park has published its ice rink schedule in its event calendar, and our hopes are high for this year’s ice rink.  Continue reading “Railroad Park’s ice rink re-opens soon”