Birmingham based Wyndy continues to impress parents, sitters, and investors

The self proclaimed, “uber for babysitting”, Wyndy, has reached yet another milestone in its quest to innovate a society old industry, of raising $80,550!

Founders of Wyndy
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With the recent launch of Wyndy, about a month ago, Tommy and Ginger Mayfield are extremely excited to receive funding from the Alabama Launch-pad competition.

Accordingly, Bham Now sat down with Mr. Mayfield to discuss the recent success and future plans.

Wyndy’s Next Steps:

Currently, the plan is to continue building up the Birmingham market, while improving the Wyndy application, for parents and sitters. Mayfield mentioned how influential the media coverage has been, and that building more awareness is of upmost importance.

“There is still a lot of people in Birmingham who don’t know Wyndy, or they maybe have heard of it, but with anything, you have to hear about it multiple times to eventually try it out…”

Why Wyndy?
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Operating with about 1250 parents and 320 sitters, the goal now for the Mayfield’s is simple, balancing supply and demand.

In the same light, with summer revving up, students from Samford, BSC, and UAB may being leaving Birmingham; these are the three schools Wyndy is available.

Therefore, as potential sitters come back to Birmingham, from non-partnered colleges (such as University of Alabama), Mayfield exclaimed they have to take a different marketing & systematic approach.

Wyndy Brand
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“Right now if they (potential Wyndy sitters) are at Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, or where ever (not associated with the 3 current schools), when they get to that step of applying, it says ‘sorry we are not available at your school’.

Obviously we are trying to bridge the gap this summer…

Hopefully by having Wyndy’s from other schools outside of Birmingham, it will allow us to lay the ground work for expanding to other markets, starting hopefully in the fall.”

Apart of Birmingham’s Startup Eco-system…

Moreover, like any startup in Birmingham there is major support coming from fellow startup founders. Entrepreneurs such as Nate Schmidt, the founders of Planet Fundraiser and more have been quite beneficial, he proclaimed.

Through programs such as 1MillionCupsBHM, Alabama Launch-pad, and the Velocity Accelerator, there is an ever growing ecosystem of support.

Wyndy is one of many startpus in Birmingham
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Wyndy is one of many startups growing rapidly in Birmingham and beyond. GLOW app and Planet Fundraiser have recently executed expansion into neighboring markets.

This trend is in line with the mission of many Birmingham business owners; to put Birmingham on the map!

Know someone looking to baby sit this summer, in Birmingham? Contact to get more details!

Check out the details of this awesome app here…

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