Birmingham-based Planet Fundraiser expands operations into Atlanta

In the world of startups, one of the many aspirations these talented entrepreneurs have is expansion into nearby markets. It’s one thing to stay close to home, but expansion into a neighboring market is a whole new ball game.

Birmingham based tech startup, Planet Fundraiser, has conquered the first step of that feat, by expanding into Atlanta!

Planet Fundraiser
Kasey Birdsong (CEO, left) & Drew Honeycutt (COO, right) are the founders of Planet Fundraisers. They have been apart of the Velocity Accelerator since the beginning of this year. Picture by Kathleen Hamerick, Marketing Director of the Innovation Depot

Kasey Birdsong (CEO) and Drew Honeycutt (COO) found their niche within the startup world by deeming it important that local merchants and customers give back to charities quickly and easily.

How is this done? Check it out below!

Since their induction into the Velocity Accelerator program late last year, Planet Fundraiser has been rapidly expanding in the Birmingham market.

“Velocity has been a blessing to Planet Fundraiser on so many levels.

This includes mentoring, investing, and trading business. Working alongside the other companies on a daily basis has also been a boost to our entire team. We are constantly learning from each other and pushing ourselves to seize the day and be our best.”

– Drew Honeycutt told Bham Now

Due to Velocity and of course the Innovation Depot, Birmingham continues its growth in the startup/technology ecosystem.

Photo By: Alabama NewsCenter
Nate Schmidt speaking to a crowd gathered to celebrate the opening of Birmingham’s first accelerator program.

“Velocity exposes you to so many people who have experience scaling technology companies. The mentoring and guidance provided by these successful entrepreneurs has been invaluable as we expand our footprint.”

– Drew Honeycutt

Expanding into Atlanta is quite the feat. The city is home to its own tech/startup ecosystem which means it’s friendly to startups looking to grow!

Honeycutt told us they will be partnering with companies such as Birmingham based SHIPT, the national brand New Balance, and Southern Proper Hospitality dining group of restaurants.

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The process of using Planet Fundraiser’s app!

“We plan to quickly expand our merchant base to include all types of everyday shopping locations like grocery stores, restaurants, retail, dry cleaning, and many others throughout the greater Atlanta area.”

Initially, Planet Fundraiser is focused on Midtown and the Buckhead area.

Planet Fundraiser is located in the Innovation Depot, the largest startup incubator in the Southeast. The technology/startup ecosystem inside the massive warehouse style work-space, immerses startup founders into the community.

By so doing, greater networking opportunities and future expansion becomes possible.

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