Local Startup, Planet Fundraiser, hits major funding within the Velocity Accelerator

Planet Fundraiser, nurtured within the Innovation Depot and further in the Velocity Accelerator, experience a major expansion into Atlanta a couple of months ago.

In the same way, another expansion has been occurred, amounting up to $1 million.

Planet Fundraiser is Expanding
via Kathleen Hamrick

Since entering the Velocity Accelerator, the local startup has been full speed ahead. The major expansions would not have come as fast if not for the wonderful community within the startup incubator.

Furthermore, there are many supporters of the startup “eco-system” within Birmingham. Those investors, of sorts, continue to grow in numbers.

“All of the capital was sourced locally from incredible business people like Bill Smith (Shipt), Matt Spotswood, Mainsail Asset Management and others.

Birmingham has a tremendous amount of people looking to invest in startups.”

Drew Honeycutt, Co-owner of Planet Fundraiser, told Bham Now

As a result, the $1 million will not only allow the startup to meet market demand in other areas of the Southeast, but will further the mission to “make giving easier and possible for everyone”.

Planet Fundraiser Expansion Details:
  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Chattanooga

“Ultimately, the capital allows us to continue on our mission of making giving easier and possible for everyone.”

– Honeycutt

As mentioned earlier, Bill Smith, CEO of Shipt, was a main investor in the deal. He has been a friend to Drew Honeycutt and Kasey Birdsong through the partnership with Velocity.

Planet Fundraiser Local Startup, Planet Fundraiser, hits major funding within the Velocity Accelerator
Co-owners Kasey Birdsong (left) and Drew Honeycutt (right) – via Kathleen Hamrick
Smith is a mentor to the 10 startup companies at Velocity.

“We have been incredibly blessed to surround ourselves with incredible advisors, mentors, and investors from day 1.

One of the more recent additions to our advisory board is Ryan McKillen. Ryan was Uber’s second software engineer and third overall employee.

He has been an incredible asset to our team as we scale to new markets.”

– Honeycutt

Currently, Planet Fundraiser, Founded and co-owned by Kasey Birdsong and Drew Honeycutt, is operating in Birmingham and Atlanta.

The launch to Nashville, Memphis and Chattanooga will occur within the next 45 days!

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