Daxko Accepts Majority Share Investment – No Plans to Move from Birmingham

Daxko is a Birmingham based company specializing in software for membership based organizations across the U.S. including YMCAs.  They have recently accepted funding from GI Partners, a private-equity firm in California, for a majority share in Daxko.

Daxko office space in Birmingham
Daxko office space in Birmingham

“We have no desire to move and a big part of our goal from the beginning is to build a company of significance in Birmingham,” CEO David Gray said. “We’re really excited about building the company in Birmingham. Our desire and hope is we’re three or four times this size five years from now.”

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#Coal Jobs in Alabama Continue Decline. Where do we go from Here?

Courtesy of Consol Energy
Courtesy of Consol Energy

My grandfather was a coal-cutter.  This meant that he worked hard labor during the midnight shift deep underground in Walker County, using tools to cut large pieces of coal so the morning crew could break it up and load it out.  My father’s family depending on this income to feed their family of 10 during the great depression.  I’m thankful that my grandfather had this job. It was the one of the few ‘decent paying’ jobs to be found in Walker County in the 1920’s, almost 100 years ago.

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Ever Wanted to Zip Line in the Dark? Now you Can!


Eagle Solar & Light, based in Birmingham, installed and donated ActiveLED solar lights and controls which brighten the 80 foot Kaul Adventure Tower when activity is present and dim when it is not.  This will enable nighttime activities to rappel, zip line or climb.

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