11 of the most delish things the Bham Now team ate in September

Bandit Patisserie - best things to eat in Birmingham
I spy a delish sweet treat. (Gabi Hembree-Lee / Bham Now)

When part of your job is tasting the deliciousness that The Magic City has to offer, you become the sounding board for your friends looking for the best things to eat in Birmingham. Today, we’re here to share those recommendations with you! Here are eleven of the tastiest things our team ate and drank in September.

1. Avocado toast from Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey avocado toast - best things to eat in Birmingham
When your avocado toast requires a fork and knife, you know it’s good. (Lauren Perry / Bham Now)

“I had to try the avo toast at the recently-opened Frothy Monkey downtown. It was loaded with fresh avocado and roasted vegetables. The homemade bread had a perfect texture that was cakey and thick, but crisp on the edges. A fork-and-knife avocado toast situation I will definitely be returning for.”

Lauren Perry, Content Intern

2. Pimento cheese + bagel from FILTER Coffee Parlor

FILTER Coffee Parlor PC + bagel
Delicious coffee and tasty food? Sign us up. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

“I’ve got to admit, I’m a pimento cheese connoisseur. If you are a fan, try FILTER’s PC + Bagel. The house-made pimento cheese on the locally-sourced Bee Hive toasted bagel is simply mouthwatering. Throw in some veggies—spinach and tomatoes—and top it off with Conecuh sausage and… BOOM!  The perfect breakfast or lunch treat. 

One last note about FILTER Coffee Parlor—it’s eco-friendly!

Pat Byington, Content Director
  • Location: 1927 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM | Saturday-Sunday 8AM-3PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Zucchini fritters + fries from Tasty Town

Tasty Town zucchini fritters
A repeat contender for the “best things we ate“—a wonderful sign. (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

“My husband and I went to Tasty Town on a rare date lunch and enjoyed all the flavors, textures and colors. We started with the chargilled eggplant which is my favorite—creamy, smoky and delicious with pita bread hot from the oven.”

Sharron Swain, Managing Content Producer

4. Macarons from Bandit

Bandit Patisserie - best things to eat in Birmingham
You can’t go wrong with anything from Bandit. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

“These macarons from Bandit were so good! Honestly, anything from Bandit has a place in my heart. The ham and cheese croissant, the peachy hand pie, savory cheese and chive, peaches and cream… I could go on.”

Gabi Hembree-Lee, Business Development Manager, Bham Now

5. Gnocchi mac and cheese with prosciutto from Freddy’s Wine Bar

Freddy's gnocchi
It’s almost a guarantee that some of the best things to eat in Birmingham will include cheese. (Selah Vetter / Bham Now)

“Freddy’s is making this childhood classic a classy, adult dish. The cheesy goodness topped with crispy prosciutto is a must-try. I recommend sipping on a glass of pinot grigio with it!”

Selah Vetter, Content Producer

6. Juicy kombucha from Harvest Roots

Juicy kombucha
The perfect nonalcoholic option at TrimTab. (Jessica Broom / Bham Now)

“Hands down the best thing I tried this month. I have always loved Harvest Roots kombucha, but seem to stick to my faves like Coast and Cosmos. I am SO glad I branched out and tried this while at TrimTab Brewing. It tastes exactly like a watermelon marg minus the alcohol. 10 out of 10 for me!”

Jessica Broom, Account Executive

7. Street chicken tacos from Chino’s Taco Stop

Chino's Taco Spot
Chino’s is one of Birmingham’s newest taco spots. (Tira Davis / Bham Now)

“These tacos were amazing and so fresh—I can’t decide if the chicken or the veggies were my favorite part! They’re definitely one of my new top contenders for the best things to eat in Birmingham.”

Tira Davis, TikTok Manager + Content Producer

8. Tortellini with pancetta from De Vinci’s

De Vinci's pasta
YUM. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

“If you’re craving a comfort dish, this tortellini is for you! The pasta was fresh and the pancetta was crispy and delicious. Definitely made for a great lunch the next day!”

Olivia Moses, Instagram Manager + Content Producer

9. Bananas foster pain perdu from Ruby Sunshine Café

Bananas Foster French Toast
One of Birmingham’s many delicious brunch spots. (Emma Johnston / Bham Now)

“I am a HUGE brunch person—more specifically, I love French toast. This Bananas Foster French toast was probably the best thing I have eaten since being in Birmingham. It was caramelized so perfectly, and the bananas were a delicious touch. We also had their apple pie beignets which were devoured very quickly.”

Emma Johnston, Content Intern

10. The Fowl Mouth, Waldo’s Chicken & Beer

Waldo's Chicken & Beer chicken sandwich
I can confirm: this sandwich is one of the best things to eat in Birmingham. (Gabby Gervais / Bham Now)

“I’d been excited to try Waldo’s Chicken & Beer since I heard about their opening and I was not disappointed. The Fowl Mouth sandwich packs a punch—it’s very spicy but not overwhelming enough to take away the flavor. Their mac and cheese was the perfect side to pair it with.”

Gabby Gervais, Content Producer

11. Chocolate cream pie from Pizza Grace

Chocolate cream pie
A picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’m pretty sure this one is saying “amazing” over and over again. (Bham Now)

“Smooth, creamy, high-end dark chocolate pie with chocolate crumb crust. Melts in your mouth. Not too sweet.”

Cindy Martin, President/CEO

What was the best thing YOU ate in Birmingham in September? Let us know by tagging @BhamNow.

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