8 best things the Bham Now team ate in Birmingham in June [PHOTOS]

Will be eating this pasta this weekend, thank you very much. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Looking for the best food in Birmingham? You’ve come to the right place, because the Bham Now team is full of foodies and voracious eaters. Keep reading to find seven of the best things we ate in June.

1. Honey-baked goat cheese from MELT

MELT Avondale goat cheese - best food in Birmingham
This looks like a dream combo, right? (Gabby Gervais / Bham Now)

“This was the PERFECT summer appetizer. I love anything with a sweet touch of strawberries, and this was no exception. The goat cheese, drizzled honey, pecans and strawberries were an amazing combo, and the sourdough paired perfectly with the spread.”

Gabby Gervais, Content Producer

2. Seasonal farro salad + sweet corn soup from brick & tin

“I know you’re probably thinking that’s it’s hot as blue blazes to be eating soup, but the sweet corn tastes like the essence of the season. Paired with the farro salad with yummy seasonal vegetables, it’s a perfect light summer dish.”

Selah Vetter, Content Producer

3. Fried green tomatoes from FIVE

FIVE fried green tomatoes - best food in Birmingham
Some of the best food in Birmingham has to include fried green tomatoes. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

“If you’re feeling summery, the Fried Green Tomatoes at FIVE are a great choice for an appetizer. The breading is thick and flavorful, and the dollops of jam and goat cheese on top were the ultimate taste boost.”

Patience Itson, Content Producer

4. Zucchini fritter pita sandwich with grilled okra from Tasty Town

Zucchini fritter pita - best food in Birmingham
Cannot wait to try Tasty Town for myself. (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the zucchini fritter pita sandwich at Tasty Town, but it ended up being a dance party in the mouth. The fritters were like a fresh take on falafel, and the flavors and textures were just so satisfying.

Plus, the grapefruit and elderflower non-alcoholic cocktail was the Goldilocks taste of summer—light, refreshing and not at all too tart or too sweet…it was just right.”

Sharron Swain, Managing Content Producer

5. Chorizo tacos from Unos Tacos

“One of my favorites is Unos Tacos in The Pizitz! I ate there my first day at Bham Now and honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I got the chorizo tacos—they were perfect! It was also my first time eating at The Pizitz, and now I’m on a mission to try the other restaurants inside.”

Nadia Powell, Associate Account Executive

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6. Sugo di pomodoro from Bettola

You know it’s a good meal when you have multiple photos of it. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

“I’ve been obsessed with Bettola’s sugo di pomodoro since I was in high school, and it’s still one of my absolute favorite dishes. The noodles are perfectly chewy and crispy, and the tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella is so good that I have to sop it all up with some crusty bread. Pair it all with an aperol spritz and you have some of the best food in Birmingham.”

Cecilia Wood, Social Media Manager + Content Producer

7. Gluten-free chicken fingers from EATS Highland

Gluten-free chicken fingers from EATS Highland
The perfect summer lunch. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

“Mystery solved! We finally found a place that serves gluten-free chicken fingers: EATS Highlands.”

Pat Byington, Content Director

8. Crab Angel roll from Shiki Homewood

Shiki Crab Angel roll
Officially craving sushi. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

“This is my GO-TO whenever I’m craving sushi. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory with crab, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo and more.”

Olivia Moses, Instagram Manager + Content Producer

What’s the best food in Birmingham YOU ate this month? Tag @BhamNow to let us know!

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