7 spots where you can find nonalcoholic wines in Birmingham

Are you joining this trend? (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Cheers to nonalcoholic wines! Believe it or not, we have quite a few options for you to try right here in The Magic City. Keep reading to find where to go for these trendy alternatives.

What brands should I look for?

It can be difficult to start new things when you’re not sure where to start. So if you’re looking to try nonalcoholic drinking options, then we got you.

Here are some brands to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping next:

We also gathered some of the stores and bars around town that offer these brands—check them out.

1. LeNell’s Beverage Boutique

LeNell’s is a quaint shop packed full of love and wine without alcohol. You can find alcohol-free wines such as Eins Zwei Zero, Ariel and Figlia spirits. It’s all the wine—alcohol-free edition.

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2. Paper Doll

Image 56 7 spots where you can find nonalcoholic wines in Birmingham
Nonalcoholic sparkling, anyone? (Paper Doll)

Not only is Paper Doll one of Birmingham’s bars serving the freshest cocktails, but they also have wine without the alcohol. You can find the French 75 alternative—it’s a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that they call Speed Limit 75.

3. Hops City Beer and Wine

With an impressive selection of craft beer and wine, stop by Hops City Wine and Beer for nonalcoholic options you’ll want to pour in your glass. Don’t forget that they also host exciting weekend events—if you’re going alcohol-free, it’s easy to find a drink option and socialize.

4. Piggly Wiggly

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Crestline Pig is my fav, I don’t know about you. (Hannah Chambley / Bham Now)

Is there anything the Pig doesn’t have? You can find nonalcoholic brands, such as Fre and Ariel. If you’re looking for a newer brand with higher quality then try Hand on the Heart.

5. Plenty of Vino

There’s plenty of it. (Plenty of Vino)

Plants, cigars and wines, oh my! At Plenty of Vino, there are definitely plenty of alcohol-free wines to choose from.

6. Classic Wine Co

Classic Wine Company Bar 15 7 spots where you can find nonalcoholic wines in Birmingham
Take a sip and a seat! (Classic Wine Co)

For more than 30 years, Classic Wine Company has been pouring the Birmingham community glasses of wine. Today, you can stop by to shop their alcohol-free options—just ask for the Ca’ del Baio Riesling by Fre.

7. Publix

grocery publix
Midtown Publix has it all. (Bham Now)

With locations all over Bham, Publix is a one-stop for your groceries and nonalcoholic drinks, including Fre and Ariel. Make sure you pick up some cheese to pair with your wine!

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