Plan your perfect progressive dinner in Avondale

dinner in avondale
One of everything, please. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

If you’re looking to experience the most amazing tastes, then keep reading to find how to have a perfect dinner in Avondale. We’ve gathered where and what you should eat, so dig in!

What’s a progressive dinner?

Great question! A progressive dinner is a festive evening of dining out at a different spot for each course. We believe that Avondale is a perfect spot to have one of these dinners in Birmingham. Check it out!

1. Single-bite hors d’oeuvres

food in Avondale
My mouth is watering now! (MELT)

To start off your progressive dinner with a flavorful bang, try the mac n’ egg rolls from MELT. We promise this carb-icious starter will live in your head rent-free. You’ll love the mac + cheese stuffed egg rolls paired with their sweet and spicy chili glaze sauce.

If you’re more of a potato carb enthusiast, then grab Munchie’s best-loaded fries in town. We’re serious, they’re worthy of that title.

2. Best salad goes to…

Then Asian Crunch Salad at Avondale Common House wins best salad hands down, simply for the sesame ginger dressing + edamame combo. It’s the perfect light and fresh option for your progressive dinner in Avondale.

3. The must-get entree

Luna Latin Cuisine Birmingham
Luna Latin Cuisine in Avondale. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Take your tastebuds to Latin America at Luna Latin Cuisine with the cachapa entree. This delectable sweet corn pancake stuffed with mozzarella cheese and a generous drizzle of crema will send you straight to Venezuela. Rolo e’ vivo!

Parkside on Fifth also is one of our go-to’s for an entree dish. Try the curry fried chicken, a lightly battered springer man chicken, with red curry, crushed peanuts and cilantro on top of a pile of steamed rice.

4. Drinks on me

Parkside on Fifth
Parkside on Fifth. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Avondale’s newest addition, Munchie’s, should be your go-to spot for after-dinner in Avondale drinks. Try their signature drink, Munch Punch, a sweet beverage made with Deep Eddy Peach, Peach Syrup, Sour and Sprite.

Parkside on Fifth has great drinks too. Try The Whitney, a vodka, mama, hibiscus syrup, and lime craft cocktail.

5. Entertainment + more drinks

beer cheers
Always Avondale. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Of course, you can’t have a dinner in Avondale guide without Avondale Brewing Co. Whoever is working events is putting in the extra hours, because their events never miss. From local artists like Taylor Hollingsworth to big-name groups such as Rainbow Kitten Surprise, you’ll have a great time.

Our Avondale drink choice: Mosey Lager on tap!

Don’t forget that since you’re eating in an entertainment district, you can carry open drinks on the sidewalks! So after a beer at Avondale, head over to Saturn for a frozen drink and a few rounds of Super Smash Cart.

Our Saturn drink choice: Rocket Booster slush.

Remember to drink responsibly and to have fun while grabbing dinner in Avondale!

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