Kick-off 2021 with a new job, skill + brush up on your Birmingham biz news

Harvest Market Kick-off 2021 with a new job, skill + brush up on your Birmingham biz news
Hello, first Tuesday of 2021! Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

You made it through the first Monday of 2021 and we’ll be here to help you through the rest of them! See what’s happening in Birmingham business news, jobs and events.

Hot Jobs 🔥

Hiring? Post your job. Looking? See listings.

What’s everyone’s top priority right now? Health. Birmingham needs your help keeping everyone safe and it comes with a paycheck. Apply to over 2,000 healthcare jobs open right now and take a look at the 15 we highlighted.

In Home Sales Expert @ AT&T. Apply.

Inside Sales Specialist @ SIMON Markets LLC. Apply

Furniture Maker @ Alabama Sawyer. Apply

AmeriCorps Members for St. Clair County @ YWCA. Apply

Sponsored by: YWCA

Senior Manager, Infrastructure Engineering 1 @ EBSCO Industries. Apply

Residential Construction Project Manager @ EBSCO Industries. Apply

Software Engineer @ EBSCO Industries. Apply

Sponsored by: EBSCO

Featured Job 🌟

Senior Accountant @ EBSCO Industries. Apply
Who’s hiring? EBSCO is a diverse organization with many businesses and a leader in all of ’em. In this case, the environment will be fast paced and team oriented, with emphasis placed on review and analysis of both the balance sheet and income statement of various business units.
What will I do? You will be responsible for corporate accounting functions, assisting with the preparation of annual budgets, assisting with month-end reporting, and auditing and analysis of EBSCO’s diverse array of businesses. 
What do I need? BS in Accounting, Masters in Accounting preferred, 3+ years professional accounting experience, preferably in public accounting, 3+ years of proven analytical and problem-solving skills.

What’s pulling rank in the business world?

Live long and prosper 🖖

And do it all at a job you love. If you spent 2020 fake-laughing over Zoom calls at your coworker’s jokes, it’s time to make money moves and get into a job you love that pays well, too. The University of North Alabama (UNA)’s College of Business has four different online degree programs that will lead you to a more prosperous (and enjoyable!!!) career future—here’s how. Sponsored by University of North Alabama

This is no cow-incidence 🐮

Mayor Woodfin’s favorite fast-food milkshake spot and my favorite place to stop after a night out is opening a second location in Birmingham. The mayor publicly lobbied for the first location and, as a belated Christmas present, his pleas have been answered again with a new Cookout opening mere blocks from City Hall…interesting. 🤔 

Let’s hear it for the girl  👩

Deniece Williams said, “Let’s hear it for the boy,” but we’re switching up the lyrics. Analytics Insightnamed Birmingham-based Therapy Brands CEO Kimberly O’Loughlin among their list of “The 100 Most Powerful Women In Technology 2020″. Way to represent Bham and all women in tech, Kimberly! 

News we (Truss)t

We’re not questioning this amazing accolade! Trussville recently received national props from the online publication Business View Magazine for exceeding in economic development. See why Trussville is so terrific and how it continues to thrive in a pandemic.  

Quit wine-ing about 2020 🍷

And start to wine-d down in 2021 at Birmingham’s newest wine bar—complete with delicious charcuterie boards. A friend of my mom’s recently said, “Back in my day, we called them meat and cheese plates.” I’m glad I didn’t live back in that day, because charcuterie is way more fun to say. Check out even more openings and new developments in the ‘Ham

From startups to starstruck 💻

A lot of BIG moments happened in Birmingham’s tech scene over the last year—people noticed. From celebrity visitors and national shoutouts to plenty of innovative ideas, here are nine of the biggest moments in 2020 that left us 🤩.

A match made in heaven 🕯️

Other partnerships don’t hold a candle to this one. Local business Crave Candles is teaming up with Saks Fifth Avenue to sell their candles in the luxury department store across the world. Although the company is going international, we know they’ll always carry a torch—or rather a pumpkin souffle scented flame—for Birmingham. ❤️

Bring on the business events
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Weekly COVID SAFE Network Meeting presented by iRefer N.O.W. Business Networking
Date: Tuesday, January 5
Time: 8-9:30AM
Price: Free

Thinkful Webinar | Learn Data Analytics With Thinkful presented by Thinkful Birmingham
Date: Tuesday, January 5
Time: 8-9:30AM
Price: Free

Modality Probe with Jeff Weiss presented by Birmingham Elixir
Date: Tuesday, January 5
Time: 7-9PM
Price: Free

Build a startup community in your city presented by CH2 Agency Dhaka
Date: Wednesday, January 6
Time: 6-7PM
Price: Free

Virtual Breakfast Club presented by Tech Birmingham
Date: Thursday, January 7
Time: 8-9AM
Price: Free

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