Norfolk Southern (still) keeps residents out of their own homes

blocked exit Trussville Alabama
The only exit for Trussville Springs residents while trains block the tracks – via the Trussville Tribune

Norfolk Southern might bring in almost 2,000 jobs statewide, but residents of Trussville aren’t impressed.  

Norfolk Southern blocking road
A train blocking one of two exits (and entrances) to the neighborhood – via WIAT

For years, residents of Trussville Springs have asked for a reliable entrance to and exit from their neighborhood.  However, the only exit available is a “non-public emergency exit” owned by Norfolk Southern and kept under lock and key.

people on dialysis can’t get out

When trains block both tracks, a regular occurrence, residents have to call Trussville’s emergency services to unlock Norfolk Southern’s emergency exit.  Whenever this happens, “people on dialysis can’t get out.”  The neighborhood also has concerns about school transportation: the bus to their school stops between the rails and Highway 11.

stalled train
Not entirely picture-perfect – via
Lost in paperwork

Proposals for alternate entrances and exits have stalled.  In 2007, ALDOT approved a new entrance, placing the responsibility on Norfolk Southern to accept the proposal before any construction can begin.  “We’re ready to go with it if we get the contract signed,” said Barry Stalnaker.  Barry represents Trussville Springs, LLC.  He has repeatedly featured in articles about this very problem.

Norfolk Southern has apologized in an official statement for some incidents.  However, the company failed to take actions that might reduce the probability of further incidents.

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