Major Seafood Distributor expands in Ensley

Major Seafood Distributor expands to Ensley
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This expansion means growth and some good news for the neighborhood of Ensley.

The largest seafood distributor in the Southeast plans to further develop in the Birmingham neighborhood of Ensley. Currently located at 2700 Avenue D. in Ensley, Inland Fresh Seafood Corp. of America has begun a project of expansion of their current operations.

Operating already as a regional office, processing distribution, logistics, and sales operations center, Inland Seafood has even bigger plans for the future.

35 years later, the company still prides itself on quality products and tailored customer service. Products include seafood, inland meat and poultry, smoked seafood, artisan products and other specialty items.

The company has already made their mark in the food industry in Birmingham and beyond. Their goal to be an active participant in their surrounding communities makes them a difference maker of a company. Since coming to Ensley in 2006, they plan to continue to hire locals for their continued success and growth.

Major Seafood Company expands to Ensley
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The expansion project has an expected growth of 100 new jobs over time with the first phase creating 50 new jobs.

So, what does this growth entail? The facility plans to add a sales center, distribution warehouse while also including a culinary training center. Because of this the multi-million dollar renovation will involve repurposing their existing building.

Inland Seafood will be looking for about $4.4 million from the city of Birmingham. This will be in the form of loan guarantees, grants, and tax abatements if they hire 150 workings in 10 years.

Inland Seafood expansion in Birmingham Ensley
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Birmingham City Council Economic Development, Budget, and Finance Committee is scheduled to consider certain incentives for Inland Seafood’s expansion early next week.

Agenda items such as a loan credit agreement, $150,000 of incentives over five years, and a grant agreement totaling $275,000. Birmingham Mayor William Bell believes this expansion is a much-needed addition to Ensley.

How do you think this growth will impact the neighborhood of Ensley?

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