Eating in a Shu Shop

shu shop birmingham alabama
From their pop-up, via @shushopbham on instagram

Would you eat at a Shu Shop? Birminghamians probably know the Red Pearl as where you go if you want an authentic Chinese experience. What about Japanese food? Birmingham hasn’t had any really authentic Japanese restaurants. But yesterday I attended a soft-launch of Shu Shop with some friends (one of whom lived in Japan for years during college), and the verdict has arrived. Continue reading “Eating in a Shu Shop”

Net Neutrality, or why you don’t pay extra for Netflix

net neutrality
You don’t think your favorite content producers are going to pay to reach you, do you? – via

You might have noticed that Netflix, Reddit, Kickstarter, Spotify, and a ton more websites added an element. Wondering what the Battle for the Net is? Read on, because it can (and probably will) affect what you are allowed to see on the internet. Continue reading “Net Neutrality, or why you don’t pay extra for Netflix”