Railroad Park’s ice rink re-opens soon

ice skating birmingham alabama railroad park
Ice skating at night? When else would you? – via picturebirmingham.com

Ice skating outdoors might not seem like a typical Birmingham, Alabama activity.  After all, our Novembers regularly reach 70 degrees!  But Railroad Park aims to change that – for a while.  The park has published its ice rink schedule in its event calendar, and our hopes are high for this year’s ice rink. 

ice skating birmingham alabama
This year’s rink will be even bigger than 2016’s – via H2RealEstate.com

You can begin to re-learn ice skating every day of the week between 11AM and 9PM, and between 10AM and 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays.  Interestingly, the park only offers entry tickets bundled with a rental of ice skates.  I don’t know many people in Birmingham who wouldn’t need to rent skates, so it’s great that they’re included in the price ($12).

Food and more

The Boxcar Cafe will also undergo a temporary transformation.  The cafe will begin to serve “cold weather fare” such as cocoa.

The rink will open for the final day (until next year’s winter) on January 1st.  Finally, a tip: pay for your tickets when you get there, since ordering online adds an extra fee.  I don’t know why venues still do that, but I bet it has something to do with contracting out third-party e-commerce providers (who want a cut of the action).

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