Birmingham-based FBI agent David Archey joins Mueller team

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After dismissing a senior member of the Trump investigation for what sources describe as dangerous partisanship, Robert Mueller has recruited a new team member.  Peter Strzok’s political sentiments may have cast doubts on the integrity of Mueller’s investigation.  But now, David Archey will hopefully work effectively and without preconceived notions of what is or isn’t true.

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“Seasoned and smart”

Agent Archey, according to ABC News sources, is “seasoned and smart.”  And before Mueller tapped him for this latest investigation, Archey lead the Birmingham FBI field office!  Archey has spent much of his time in Alabama attacking government corruption and white-collar crime.  Overseeing small-town embezzlement cases to prescription fraud and beyond, Agent Archey’s colleagues note that he has “repeatedly been asked to temporarily step into vacancies within his own agency.”

Archey, as acting Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, approved the criminal probe of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email usage.

Alternative theories
fbi agent david archey joins Trump investiation

Some feel as though Agent Archey’s induction to the team has little to do with Agent Strzok’s reassignment.  One running theory asserts that Agent Archey will lend his expertise in white-collar crime to the recently announced subpoena of President Trump’s Deutsche Bank accounts.

Man of mystery?
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This may or may not be a photo of David Archey.  I’m leaning “no,” since corroborating photos are impossible to find

The FBI reveals little about agents’ personal lives, with good reason.  Whatever the agency does reveal could potentially be used to target agents or their loved ones.  It might also call an investigation into question on personal grounds.

Mueller’s team has brought charges against four individual so far, but not Donald Trump.  Do you think Mueller will bring a case against Trump himself?

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