ISS over BHM

international space station
Astronauts aboard the ISS today are probably still recovering from turkey overdosage, but on a typical day they study the effects of microgravity on plants, insects, and more – via

The International Space Station made a pass over the Magic City last night!  It’s so weird that we almost don’t think about how there are humans living in space for years on end.   Bham Now collected some photos off of social media, here’s what went on:

The ISS visibly passes over Birmingham, at least partially, every day, but sightings lasting more than three minutes are rare.

Tim Robinson took a time-lapse photo:

space station alabama
via Tim Robinson

The McWane Center uploaded a video of the space station traversing the sky in 2008:

If you managed to photograph it, drop us a comment!  We weren’t able to catch the 17,000 mile per hour blur on camera!

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