This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

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This week in Birmingham: dog ballet! – via

If you read this on Tuesday, December 12th, then go vote!  I won’t tell you who to vote for because you probably already know who you prefer, but just go and vote!  10 events and an anti-event are highlighted this week.  Let’s go ahead and get the anti-event out of the way: “All Birmingham Public Library locations are closed December 14 for Inventory Day.”  Now on to the fun stuff!

Geminids meteor shower
geminid meteor shower
This photographer used a tripod and long exposure time to capture this nighttime image – via National Geographic
  • December 13-14th late night to dawn
  • Outside
  • Free!

The Geminids will peak this week.  Fun fact, we’ll see last year’s debris, not this year’s.  Step outside for a while, put away the electronics, and look up instead of down!  If you want to use binoculars, grab the highest objective lens size you can and mount it on a tripod for best results.  The objective lens is measured in millimeters, and is represented by the second number in a (number)x(bigger number) label.  The higher the lens size, the brighter your view will appear.  Read more


A Charlie Brown Christmas

d3e582a067751a9551f65e58a2e704c6 This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 14th @ 8PM
  • Saturn
  • $12

Jeffrey Butzer and T.T. Mahony perform their tenth annual Guaraldi’s score to A Charlie Brown Christmas.  They bring along Mike Beshara and a small chorus to help them out.  Using just enough improv to keep their credibility intact, and doing their best to stay true to the intentions of Guaraldi’s score, the trio promise a “few extra surprises” on this tenth anniversary.  Read more


Build a gingerbread house for Children’s Hospital

9f728d5b69cb72762cca46b92a9fafdb This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 15th @ 4:30PM
  • Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
  • Free!

Want to build a gingerbread house, but don’t have room for it?  Have you already built one, but want to do it again?  Head over to the Renaissance golf resort and make gingerbread houses for a good cause – with none of the worries over where you’ll put it!  Read more


Kentucky Bourbon Beer Tasting + Hot Tag pop-up
the hot tag birmingham alabama
The pro-wrestling enthusiasts and professional foodie tag team – via
  • December 15th @ 5PM
  • Hop City Birmingham
  • No cover listed

Wait a minute… bourbon beer?  Try samples from Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company – which does, in fact, name their strong ales and coffee stouts “Kentucky Bourbon.”  In addition, the distillery makes regular whiskey and bourbon.  Confusing, but it sounds tasty!  In addition, The Hot Tag will bring their food truck (and potentially wrestling spirit)!  Read more

The Mutt-cracker

  • December 15th @ 7:30PM
  • BJCC
  • $25-$45

It’s the Nutcracker ballet, but the producers have replaced as many characters as possible with dogs.  Just look at the picture!  Proceeds from this show will benefit the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.  Read more


Creature Camp, IN SNOW, The Green Seed

ff299a413d82aa89cf592a8be96a9fa2 This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 15th @ 7:30PM
  • The Nick Rocks
  • $10

Three not-all-that-similar bands come together to make your night this Friday.  The Green Seed lays out complex and energetic hip-hop.  Creature Camp plays psychedelic rock.  In Snow plays this really intriguing mix of instrumental, low-key “post-rock.”  What ties them together?  How suited they are to vinyl, and their awareness of that suitability.  Read more


Seasick Records Holiday DJs

313fa948e6c1b3ebc99b03374c818e7f This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 16th @ 12PM
  • Seasick Records
  • Free!

If you enjoy Christmas music, vinyl, cookies, or eggnog, you’ll enjoy these sets.  Three DJs (this upcoming week: DJ Merlin) play their favorite holiday tunes at Seasick this Saturday.  Shop, listen, and gorge yourself on partake in free cookies and eggnog!  Read more


The Music of Star Wars

9d9680f6a9bcb8164ad832d96341d7c0 This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 17th @7PM
  • Alys Stephens Center
  • $25+

Remember the first time you heard John Williams’ score for the original trilogy?  Experience it all over again, live in all of its feel-good glory, performed by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra!   What a great soundtrack – I’m surprised that no one has performed alongside the original movies.  Read more


Christmas with Kafka, Iron Giant Percussion

73ab1fc8aaa07e582a15bfa8887cd950 This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 19th @7PM
  • Saturn
  • Free!

“Chamber music with the DIY ethic” ends up sounding… just as bizarre as it sounds, in a cool way.  I look forward to hearing what they’ve come up with.  Meanwhile, Christmas with Kafka promises a strange, delightful light show accompanied by sound.  All this weirdness works together in service of further weirdness: “a Christmas tale based on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.”  Read more


Judaism After Dark

05d124902c2a0d9533e7a10b6cb5247e This week in Birmingham: December 14-20

  • December 20th @8PM
  • Saturn
  • Free!

Get out of the Christmas spirit and celebrate like you aren’t a gentile!  Head over to Saturn to learn some quick Yiddish, have your own Bar-Mitzvah, and nosh on Latkes.  Saturn welcomes people of all faiths to come learn about and engage in Jewish culture while cleansing your mind of constant Christmas music and decorations.  Read more


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