Live HealthSmart Alabama is making Kingston healthier—Here’s how

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live healthsmart al
Live HealthSmart Alabama organizers cutting the ribbon at Stockham Park. Photo by Steve Wood for UAB

UAB’s Live HealthSmart Alabama (LHSA) celebrated improvements in the Kingston community yesterday at Stockham Park. This is the first step to better community health and quality of life in the Greater Birmingham Area.

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Finding your flow in uncertain times with psychologist Sarah Gregg

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March 7, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Do you sometimes feel like one part of you wants to take action towards what matters? And another part of you wants to hide in bed until this is all over? Then this event is made for you. Finding your sense of flow can be understandably hard in these turbulent times. But don’t worry, we can help you navigate some of the uncertainties with proven psychology practices!Join Sarah Gregg, a psychologist and author of two books for a practical session that is designed to create a shift out of resistance and into flow.All you need is a pen and paper for the workshop on March 7th at 12 pm !


March 7, 2021
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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11 women in wellness making Birmingham healthier

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Jasper Elliot Wolfe is a woman in wellness
Jasper Elliot Wolfe of Conscious Body Healing Arts Center. Photo by R. Daniel Walker

If you’ve spent any time in wellness spaces in Birmingham, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of women helping other women find balance and wholeness in their lives.

We decided to introduce you to 11 of these women and what they have to offer. We know we can’t include everybody. So, do be sure to tag us @bhamnow to let us know who we missed!

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14 places around Birmingham no longer using plastic straws + other single use plastics. Plus where to buy your own locally

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Emilie Maynor and Roni Nuby using their swzle brand stainless steel reusable straws in their cocktails at the Elyton Hotel! Photo via @emiliemaynorliving on Instagram

500 million straws are used in the U.S. each day—many never making it to recycling bins, instead to join the billions of others polluting our rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans.

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4 steps to spring cleaning your beauty routine with Birmingham based Freedom Soap Company

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Spring cleaning is something I look forward to all year. I just love the feeling of cleaning out and cleaning up my space—that includes my cosmetics. Here are 4 ways to spring clean your beauty routine and make sure your products are eco-friendly just in time for Earth Day! Plus one must-try Birmingham based soap and skincare brand.

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Hand in Paw breaks ground on new headquarters

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Birmingham Alabama
The dogs eagerly helped with the groundbreaking effort! – Photo by Hand in Paws.

Tuesday, Oct 24th, on an acre of land between Forest Park and Avondale Park, Hand in Paw, the nonprofit therapy animal organization, broke ground for their new headquarters. They had some help from some tenacious digging by a few of their therapy dogs. The new facility will be named for Beth Franklin, the founder of Hand in Paw.

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Guide to the best healthy grocery stores in Birmingham

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Image may include: apples in healthy Birmingham grocery store

I grew up in a small town in North Alabama. The fact that I had a Wal-Mart less than ten minutes from my house was a blessing. But, now that I live in Birmingham, I have found tons of great options for grocery shopping. In fact, so many I did not even know where to begin when it came to finding the best healthy grocery stores. But, after a couple of years in Birmingham, here’s the list I’ve put together of grocery stores I often shop at to fill my pantry for the week.

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Best places to get a healthy smoothie in Birmingham

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Image may include: healthy smoothie from Sprout & Pour, Birmingham
Photo via Sprout & Pour’s Instagram page, @sproutandpour

When you’re on the go, there’s nothing better than a fresh smoothie to get you through the day. Sometimes it can be hard to find a smoothie that isn’t full of sugar. However, here’s three Birmingham smoothie joints that offer delicious and healthy options.

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Check out the technology behind UAB Medicine’s new $6.8M clinical laboratory

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Ever wonder what happens to that vial of blood that is taken at your doctor’s office?   UAB employees were once analyzing up to 5,000 vials of blood each night of the week.  But, the testing process has just gotten a huge technology infusion from UAB.

UAB Medicine recently welcomed their new automated hospital laboratory.

A robot arm lifts tubes to another rack. Photo courtesy of UAB.

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Samford University sets up for Major Renovations to Infrastructure

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The Magic City is not the only area of town subject to revitalization and more redevelopment.

Samford University joins in on the excitement by applying $31 Million to its infrastructure to give future students, faculty, and staff a better home.

Image result for samford university
Photo by Leslie Anne Tarabella


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Here’s to taking care of yourself from the inside out

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Forget about the holidays, at times we all get stressed, worn out, depressed, anxious, under the weather or whatever you want to call the things that are affecting your mental health. Even celebrities deal with it. We’re all human, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling blue.

It’s never a bad idea to be informed on your local mental health resources—whether for yourself or for others. Young, old or in-between, taking care of ourselves allows us to take care of others.


When extra responsibilities and commitments are caroling at your door, the combination can leave you troubled.

Maybe it’s something different altogether, like debilitating PTSD, crippling depression or stressful anxiety that’s affecting you. It doesn’t matter one bit. Just know that help is there, waiting for all of us.

Reaching out is a courageous step! Here’s a list of local mental health resources for Birmingham, just in time for the holidays.

Photo courtesy of National Institute of Mental Health

For general information, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) offers simple definitions of mental health topics and research. The topics are even divided by audience, so that you can learn about conditions for a particular population.

In the Birmingham-metro area there are a number of community-based resources for counseling, psychology and emergency mental health services for those with our without insurance. If you do have insurance, reach out to your primary healthcare provider for a referral or give the psychiatry department at UAB a call for direction.

  1. For local counseling on a sliding scale that’s geared towards women and children, try Oasis. They offer “individual, couples, group, and family counseling, as well as art therapy and play therapy. Fees are determined on the basis of a sliding fee scale.”
  2. The UAB Community Counseling Clinic “offers affordable counseling services to the residents of Jefferson County through its Community Counseling Clinic.”

    Photo courtesy of Veterans' Administration
    Photo courtesy of Veterans’ Administration
  3. For Birmingham veterans suffering from PTSD, the Birmingham VA Medical Center is a good place to start, and they even offer a suicide hotline. Their contact information and hotline number can be found here.
  4.  For healthcare services for the homeless (including mental health), Alabama Regional Healthcare Services (ARMS) “provides comprehensive urgent, acute, and primary health care services with linkages to community providers when needed.”
  5. The Jefferson County Department of Health also offers a variety of health services for individuals without insurance. Information about specific services and health department offices can be found here.


Singing to Preemies can Affect Their Health

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Moms who sing lullabies may do more for their newborns than expected.

Studies in music therapy show when mothers sing to their premature infants, it can stabilize the baby’s heart rate and breathing. Full-term babies are able to recognize their mothers’ voices once they’re born, so allowing preemies the chance to gain this connection outside of the womb is important.

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Twins Live Longer than the Rest of Us

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A new study shows that twins live longer than other people.

“There is benefit to having someone who is socially close to you who is looking out for you. They may provide material or emotional support that lead to better longevity outcomes,”

-David Sharrow, Researcher at the University of Washington.

These benefits could go beyond twins if “we […] choose to invest in social bonds as a way to promote health and longevity,” Sharrow said.


Call your grandparents today

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© iStockphoto / Thinkstock

New studies show that close relationships between elderly people and their family members reduce their chances of passing away within in the next 5 years, compared to those who were not close to their families.

If you’re thinking, “My grandparents have lots of friends, they’re fine,” you may be wrong. Apparently, friendships didn’t have an affect on life expectancy – only family relationships.

So give grandma a call on your lunch break today – she’ll appreciate it.

#BHMnotBHX – @Richella89 @Benjaminmarlow1

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If you haven’t heard of this couple, you will! While planning a trip to Birmingham, ENGLAND, they mixed it up in the best way possible.

Welcome @Richella89 and @Benjaminmarlow1, and enjoy your stay in the Magic City!