Samford University sets up for Major Renovations to Infrastructure

The Magic City is not the only area of town subject to revitalization and more redevelopment.

Samford University joins in on the excitement by applying $31 Million to its infrastructure to give future students, faculty, and staff a better home.

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The wellness of campus life is not the only aspect Samford U. is aiming to improve, but to increase campus conservation and efficiency.

Savings of $1.65 Million annually are expected to be incurred.

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Johnson Controls Inc. – development team – Focuses on “smart building” systems…

Project Details:
  • Piping Insulation
  • Heating/Air Condition upgrades
  • A campus chilled water plant
  • Rainwater Harvesting System to help on the landscape, intramural field and the different sporting fields
  • High-quality operable windows
  • Automation Systems – this will help reduce energy costs and identify future maintenance needs
  • LED lighting and complementary controls

“In the process, we will provide a cleaner, safer environment, reduce energy expenses, reduce our carbon output and accomplish considerable improvements to many of our facilities.”

– President Andrew Westmoreland told a report

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Andrew Westmoreland – Photo by Samford U.

The university’s president also told the report some details on energy savings…

  • Will reduce 15,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.
  • Will help save 20 Million gallons of water a year.

He mentioned that the drought was something that could not be overlooked – possibly a reason why Samford is going through with this massive project.

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Samford University invests significantly into its ground operations – have you ever wondered why the grass is so green no matter what season…?

This project will prove to the community that Samford wants to keep excellence part of its mission, at the same time looking out for the wonderful Birmingham community it is actively part of.

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