11 women in wellness making Birmingham healthier

Jasper Elliot Wolfe is a woman in wellness
Jasper Elliot Wolfe of Conscious Body Healing Arts Center. Photo by R. Daniel Walker

If you’ve spent any time in wellness spaces in Birmingham, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of women helping other women find balance and wholeness in their lives.

We decided to introduce you to 11 of these women and what they have to offer. We know we can’t include everybody. So, do be sure to tag us @bhamnow to let us know who we missed!

1-2. Annie Damsky + Emilie Maynor—The Fearless Om + workshops

Last Spring I won a day at The Fearless Fest on an Instagram giveaway. It was an awesome weekend of movement, self-care and finding new ways to be in relationship. It was lovely.

Annie Damsky and Emilie Maynor are the first women I’d like to introduce you to today. They created The Fearless Fest and so much more. Here’s where you can find them:

3. Monika Tartaria—Camellia Women’s Imaging

It’s all these seemingly lilttle details that make Camellia Women’s Imaging so appealing. Graphic from Camellia Women’s Imaging via Facebook

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, what better time to let you know about a women-owned and run breast-imaging center?

Monika Tartaria happens to be the owner of the Camellia Women’s Imaging Center—the only such center in Birmingham that’s 100% women-focused.

Camellia’s by women for women approach means top-level care delivered with warmth and compassion. They offer a boutique mammography experience with same-day results. How’s that for not having to worry?

4. Kim Richardson—Yes You Yoga + free classes at the Birmingham Public Library downtown every Monday at 6:30PM

Kim Richardson practicing yoga at home. Photo supplied

Kim Richardson teaches free yoga classes Mondays at 6:30PM at the Birmingham Public Library. Here’s some of what she has to say about yoga: 

Yoga actually means union. It is a philosophy, not a religion. It is proven to help alleviate everything from back pain and stress to diabetes and high blood pressure.

I became a registered yoga teacher to let people who look like me and have a body like mine know that yoga is absolutely for them too and that a regular practice does wonders for our spiritual, mental, and yes, physical health.

Kim Richardson
  • Classes: gentle yoga for beginners on Mondays, 6:30PM at the Birmingham Public Library. Free and open to all. Just bring a mat!
  • Facebook group: Yes You Yoga

5. Terri Ann Heiman—Natural Forces Studio, Empowered Spirit, podcast, workshops, private clients

Terri Ann Heiman. Photo from Natural Forces Studio via Facebook

Terri Ann Heiman is a force of nature herself, and offers an array of wellness-related teaching and services out of her home base at Birmingham Yoga. 

6. Charity Moore—Blooming Womb Birth and Family Services

Charity Moore is one of the women in wellness in Birmingham
Charity Moore of Blooming Womb Birth and Family Services. Photo supplied

Now I’d like to introduce you to Charity Moore of Blooming Womb Birth and Family Services.

Charity Moore is a Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Counselor and Student Midwife.

Charity provides:

  • physical and emotional support through all phases of pregnancy and adoption for minorities and marginalized families in the Jefferson County Metro area.
  • resources for low-income families to gain access to practical support, temporary food assistance, and assistance with minor expenses to alleviate the financial burdens associated with growing a family. 

She incorporates traditional African birth and healing techniques in her practice to promote a more holistic healing process, with an “it takes a village” mindset in an effort to encourage her clients to reclaim their heritage. 

Chocolate Milk Mommies

Charity, along with 4 other Birmingham moms (SaCorya Adams, Angel Warren, Rauslyn Adams and Jennifer Miller) co-founded Chocolate Milk Mommies. CMM is a breastfeeding support group for women of color in the Birmingham area. They meet twice a month—once at UAB West and once at Eastlake United Methodist Church.

Additionally, Chocolate Milk Mommies sponsors a community baby shower each Spring. Through their baby shower, they provide educational resources, trainings, new and gently used clothing, toys and breastfeeding supplies to low-income families in the Jefferson County community.

They also host an annual anniversary potluck, “Boob-ie” themed Halloween party, a Christmas diaper drive and provide lactation counseling and doula services to their Facebook community members as well.

7. Nancy Rhodes—Abundance Yoga

My husband actually worked with Nancy Rhodes a long time ago at Whole Foods, and was very happy to see that she had created her own yoga studio. Here’s what Abundance Yoga has to say about their vision:

Abundance Yoga is making yoga accessible for all body shapes, sizes and physicality. 

We teach pose variations and offer options to find what feels right for you and the opportunity to skip anything that doesn’t.  We offer education and the space to own your practice.

We’re building a community based on loving yourself and accepting where you are today, knowing that it will change.  We honor that we all have different needs and experiences and offer compassion to help you find the practice that fits you.

I kind of love everything about that. ‘Cause shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to love the body we’re in?

8. Sheri Bagwell

Sheri Bagwell is one of the women in wellness in Birmingham
Sheri Bagwell. Photo by R. Daniel Walker

I’ll let Sheri Bagwell introduce herself:

My job as an energy healer is to help you get balanced in your body and connected to your intuition.  I carry an energy that can help you get into a meditative state more easily.  That helps you find calm within so you can hear your inner voice.  We will bring your body into a resonance that allows you to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I offer “Beyond Therapy” private sessions which helps you take therapy or self help books into your life with more ease for greater results.  I also offer group classes which will help you connect with your physical body, your breath and the earth for a greater connection to all that is.  

Sheri Bagwell

9. Anjanette Burkett Robinson—Birth + Postpartum Doula, Licensed Professional Counselor

StrongGirls’ art. Photo from Creative Wellness Institute via Facebook

Anjanette Burkett Robinson, like many of the women listed here, moves in many spaces, bringing her healing skills with her.

You’ll find her leading and providing case management for the StrongGirls Program, housed at Creative Wellness, which refers girls ages 12-18 from Jefferson County Juvenile Court.

And, she created and developed the STRONGParent Group: A Community Support Group Initiative for Creative Wellness

10. Kimberly McNair Brock—Bitty’s Living Kitchen

If you’ve been looking for juice cleanses, plant based meal prep classes, or meal plans, you need to know about Bitty’s Living Kitchen. Kimberly McNair Brock is the sister of the late Denise McNair, one of the four girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. She is passionate about offering people delicious, healthy food.

Bitity’s Living Kitchen’s passion is making food for those wanting to live a more plant based lifestyle; reverse their palate; & heal thru food. NO SOY • NO MSG • NON-GMO • JUST TLC

11. Jasper Elliot Wolfe—Conscious Body Healing Arts Center

Jasper is kind of everywhere. Seriously. If you ever have a chance to take one of her classes, or get a massage with her, do it. You’ll be enriched by her bright spirit, her depth and humor. She has a deep love for the human race and it shows in the way she teaches and holds space for learning and growth.

Now tell us, Birmingham, who are your favorite women wellness practitioners, and what do they do?

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