B’ham No-Ham Hoppin’ John Dolmades: Food for the Southern Soul

Hit up the farmer’s market, throw on that apron, and make your friends and family say “wow, I wish I could cook like this!” And then tell them, “you can!” And then tell them all about how Southern food is as much of a cultural mash-up as the food we see in LA and New York, where pastrami tacos and sushi bagels are on corner after corner.

Lifting up a spatula to serve himself something tasty, I presume.

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Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1

So you want to ruin someone’s diet.  The good news is that this is a great city to cheat on a diet with. The bad news is that you might not know the best spots.  We’re here to help, with a series of guides to bakeries around Birmingham!  (Because if you’re going to cheat on the diet, why not make sure the whole office cheats, too?)  This round, we’re focusing on Downtown – the urban center.

the view from Edgar’s Bakery – via Yelp

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So what is our government actually doing?

shamelessly ripped straight from aarp.net – our skyline is beautiful

In the past, I’ve written about some out-there plans by our local and state governments, like the attempt to bring back tax deductions for renovating historic buildings or the motion to allow golf cart taxis on certain Birmingham streets.  It’s great to hear about what’s going on in the moment, but how did these resolutions turn out?  Let’s take a look!

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14 classes in Birmingham you can totally get college credit for

UAB Campus Green
Photo via PeopleAdmin

Check out these 14 classes (and some honorable mentions) you can get college credit for in the Birmingham area. A few really made me consider going back to school just for fun…

I tried really hard to find interesting classes in accounting and finance… Sorry, guys. Impossible.

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Birmingham Comic Book Shop Guide – We know you want it.

I owe my literacy and love of art to Batman. The box of 1960’s Batman comics in the attic didn’t count for school, since we were assigned readings and our outside reading had to be “chapter books” with no pictures. But the comic books were what I read even though I gained no scholarly benefit. Doing something for the love of it is passion.

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Birmingham’s Official Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and you’re gonna want to celebrate with a green beer or two. Of course, Birmingham has plenty going on for you, your friends and your family. From authentic Irish dancing to traditional Irish dinners, you will definitely get your Irish fill.  Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day!

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Birmingham’s Top Things To Do: March 9-15

We have another shortlist of things to do in Birmingham!  At least until next Wednesday, here are ten of my most-anticipated events:

String Theory @ Trimtab Brewing Company, March 10, starts 7PM – This local group of conservatory-trained musicians play pop and rock on their classical instruments.  Hearing a complete genre breakdown is really incredible.  Details

Legends of the Galactic Heroes, tellin it like it is

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Ten events to try and see next week

If you only have time (or cash) for ten events next week, have I got a list for you!  That’s right, it’s a top ten, for events coming next week!  I try to include youtube links to music when I can, so don’t click things if you’re at work and aren’t using headphones.  In the spirit of different strokes for different folks and not actually having seen them yet, I’m not going to rank any of these.

Amos Lee.  Source: billboard.com

Amos Lee – Playing at the Alabama Theatre Feb 28th, doors open 7.30PM.  Read more

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Orthodox Churches of Birmingham: Hidden Gems

I know, as my peers have described, comically little about Christianity. As a religion major, my focus has been mainly on Islam and Jewish text with a little Buddhism and Hinduism thrown in. I cannot, perhaps shamefully, tell you the differences between most protestant denominations. I have had a lot of Catholic friends and I live across from a Catholic church, so I have the most proficiency in Catholicism, but it is still not entirely conversational. When it was recommended that I write about Birmingham churches, I panicked much in the same way a kid who forgot to read that night’s chapter panics when the teacher announces a pop quiz. I am the religion writer, after all.
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Coming up this week…

So I’ve noticed there hasn’t been an “upcoming events” post in a while – we seem to be focusing on single events.  And to top it all off, birmingham365 is giving me an error page on my laptop.  So I’ll do it myself!  Coming up this week in Birmingham (keep in mind that none of the artist links should be considered worksafe unless your job is to listen to music)…

Chief Keef forgetting you can’t call people on your money – Source:hiphopdx.com

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