5 places to eat like a New Yorker in Birmingham

Crestline Bagel
What’s your favorite flavor? (Bham Now)

Born and raised in New York, I have some strong opinions about my pizza and bagels. Luckily, Birmingham has some of the best restaurants and we found five spots that make you feel like you’re eating in the Big Apple. Keep reading to find out which places you should grab a bite around town.

1. Bagels—Crestline Bagel Company

To me, there’s no better way to start my morning than with a bagel and a cup of coffee. You can find me at Crestline Bagel after the sun rises with a sesame bagel and latte.

2. Deli—Tina and Gina’s Sandwich Shoppe

Tina and Gina's
Tina and Gina’s Sandwich Shoppe at The Pizitz Food Hall. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

A deli is a New York staple and we’re lucky to have one downtown at The Pizitz Food Hall. Owner Christina of Tina and Gina’s Sandwich Shoppe grew up in the Big Apple and has brought big-city flavors to Bham. We recommend the Italian sub and pastrami sandwich to feel like a native New Yorker.

3. Italian—Gianmarco’s

I may not be Italian, but I grew up eating like I was at the numerous, local Italian restaurants in town. My absolute favorite is penne a la vodka and Gianmarco’s in Homewood is one of the best places to grab this dish.

4. Pizza—Pizza Grace

Pizza Grace
Thin crust is the way to go. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

I have STRONG opinions about pizza. I would say I’m not one to get in a fight, but if you try to convince me that there’s better pizza than New York thin crust, then I will have some words to say. Luckily, the Bham Now team has Pizza Grace down the road from our office on Morris Avenue. It’s not quite New York-style pizza, but their ultra-thin crust won me over.

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5. Lox—Homewood Bagel Company

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions and cucumbers, oh my! Some people may be hesitant about this combination, but trust me when I say this sandwich on a bagel at Homewood Bagel Company is drool-worthy.

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