Birmingham locals’ ultimate bagel combos at 5 favorite spots

birmingham bagel
Carb lovers only. Photos via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? And with plenty of Birmingham bagels to go around, we’re spoiled for choice. We investigated some of the city’s top spots and consulted our 74K Instagram followers to see what the locals are going for.

1. Homewood Bagel Co

birmingham bagel
I’m an HBC regular! Photo via Homewood Bagel Company Facebook Page

Homewood Bagel is the pride of Homewood. A family business born on the sheer desire to bring quality, fresh baked bagels to Homewood, “The Shop” is conveniently located near Homewood Central Park and always draws a big crowd.

I usually go for a turkey and cream cheese situation on a toasted sesame bagel, but I might just have to try these orders next time:

birmingham bagel

2. A classic spot for Birmingham bagels—Crestline Bagel Company:

Birmingham, Crestline Bagel, Innovation Depot, bagels, food, restaurants, birmingham bagels
A beautiful sight. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Crestline Bagel has been a staple in the Birmingham community for over 20 years. With three locations around town, there’s sure to be one along your morning route.

Our Instagram followers shared their love for Crestline Bagel! Sounds like the savory sammies are a hit:

birmingham bagels

Mountain Brook:

Cahaba Heights:


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3. Cahaba Breads and Bagels

birmingham bagels
This classic bakery is making bagels “the old-fashioned way” and we are loving it. Photo via Cahaba Breads and Bagels Facebook Page

Guests are invited to “taste the magic” at Cahaba Breads and Bagels, where they are baking fresh bagels the old-fashioned way.

For this one, we went straight to the source. Cahaba Breads and Bagels shared that local’s top pics are always the Everything Bagel, with Jalapeño Cheddar close behind.

4. Continental Bakery

birmingham bagels
Continental Bakery. Photos via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Located in English Village, Continental Bakery offers a wide array of delicious pastries and breads. But today we’re talking bagels and Continental’s are not to be missed.

A unique hit here is the olive cream cheese spread—so be sure to sample it on your next visit!

birmingham bagels

5. Birmingham Bagels on demand: Beehive Baking Co

birmingham bagels
The trays of my dreams. Photo via Beehive Baking Co Facebook Page

Beehive Baking Co. is making all of your wildest dreams come true by delivering fresh breads, pastries and bagels right to your front porch. With free delivery to many Birmingham neighborhoods, enjoying your morning bagel has never been easier. Check out their website for full details on how to order.

Locals love Beehive Baking Co.’s special deliveries, and their Rosemary Bagels are especially popular.

birmingham bagel

Found a new favorite? Did we miss your ultimate bagel combo? Let us know @BhamNow and you just might be featured in our next round up.

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