Homewood Bagel Company is opening a new shop at Christmas. We can’t wait!

Homewood Bagel Company
Asiago Rosemary bagel at Homewood Bagel Co. Photo submitted.

Attention bagel lovers! Homewood Bagel Company is opening their first brick and mortar shop on Central Avenue in Homewood this year and we’re soooo excited! Read on for all the delicious details. 

From hobby to full business

Owners with Homewood Bagel Co. shirt
Joe and Ginny Leavens of Homewood Bagel Co. Photo via Facebook.

Homewood Bagel Co. began when self-proclaimed bagel fanatics Ginny and Joe Leavens decided to try their hand at bagels.

After sharing their creation with friends and family, they started getting requests for more. Since so many people were interested, they decided to start their own bagel company.

“I think what sets our bagels apart is that they’ve got a New York style crust, but the inside is light and fluffy while still maintaining the classic bagel consistency.”

Ginny Leavens, Homewood Bagel Co.

A brick & mortar location

Homewood Bagel Co's new location
Homewood Bagel Co.’s upcoming location in Homewood. Photo by Nathan for BhamNow.

For a while now, Homewood Bagel Co. has been working as a pop-up at Icing on the Cookie in downtown Homewood. When they learned that the owner of Icing on the Cookie would be closing the shop to pursue a new venture, Joe and Ginny knew this was the perfect opportunity.

Since the new location is smack dab in the middle of Homewood on Central Avenue, consider grabbing a bagel and taking it to a picnic in Homewood Park. Homewood Bagel Co. is just a short walk from most shops in downtown Homewood, including the new Jack’s that just opened.

Homewood Bagel has big plans for the biz in their new spot

Homewood Bagel Company
An Everything bagel at Homewood Bagel Co. Photo submitted.

In addition to the new location, Homewood Bagel Co. has so many cool new things planned for their business. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Curbside pickup: When you need your bagel fix on the go, call ahead and have your bagel brought out to you.
  • Expanded menu: Check out the new bagel sandwiches, such as bacon egg & cheese, turkey and ham, and the famous Lox bagel. Stay tuned, because they have a dessert menu in the works as well.
  • Bagel mural wall: Featuring the bright blue signature Homewood Bagel Co. logo in all shapes and sizes, designed by @amdbirmingham
  • Coffee: Homewood Bagel Co. will partner with a local coffee company to offer bagels and coffee for your morning routine.
  • Bagel it forward: A fun way for people in the community to pay it forward. The next time you walk into Homewood Bagel Co., you could get a free bagel.

Visit Homewood Bagel Co. on Central Avenue by Christmas 2019

Woman holding bagel
Homewood Bagel Co. Photo submitted.
  • Hours: 6:30am to 2:30pm, 7 days a week
  • Location: 2907 Central Ave, Homewood, AL 35209

Construction on the new location begins November 1st, and they hope to open between Christmas and New Years. Although they don’t plan to change up the kitchen very much, they have planned extensive renovations of the cafe area to turn it into a cute little bistro to enjoy bagels.

Homewood Bagel Co. is currently closed while making plans for the store, but they plan to offer delivery and curbside pickup in the near future. Make sure to follow Homewood Bagel Co. on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop.

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