30 Birmingham pizza pies that have a piece of our heart

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Birmingham pizza
(Madison Croxson / Bham Now)

Who doesn’t love pizza? The Italian staple has long-been an American classic meal, and when it comes to Birmingham pizza, our city has some amazing slices. Whether you like yours loaded up with meats, veggies and fresh cheeses or want to debate over thick or thin crust, we have the best of all kinds of pizza pies in the city that you’ll want to check out.

1. Slice Pizza & Brew

Slice Pizza
Give us a Slice of that. (Slice Pizza Brew / Instagram)

Slice Pizza has everything from standard pies to more exciting creations like their Soul Pie with turnip greens and black-eyed peas or their BBQ with smoked brisket and white barbecue sauce.

2. Post Office Pies

A picnic with Post Office Pies sounds like a great idea to me. (Miranda Shaffer / Bham Now)

Post Office Pies has some of the best pizza in Birmingham, and I’d even go so far to say there Margherita pizza is the best I’ve ever had. Topped with juicy roasted baby tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, light sauce and fresh basil, this pizza is bursting with flavors. Also, even though I’m not usually a crust girl, I eat all of theirs—it’s that good.

3. Tortuga’s Pizza

Tortugas Pizza deep dish pizza
I celebrate all kinds of pizza. (Tortugas Pizza / Facebook)

If you’re in the mood for authentic Chicago-style pizza in Birmingham, Tortuga’s is the place to go. Their pizza has won awards from various local publications and was listed in “100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die” by I Love Alabama Food.

4. Iron City Pizza Company

Iron City Pizza
Iron City Pizza 5 Points – 5 Meats. (Iron City Pizza Company / Facebook)

Iron City Pizza is all about being fresh and local. All of their sauces, doughs and dressings are made fresh in-house daily and they partner with local farms to source their ingredients. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, the Legion Field of Shrooms is a must-try with an assortment of shrooms, cheeses and truffle oil.

5. Pizzeria G.M.

Try the Conecuh sausage pizza at GM pizzeria. All the heart eyes! (Pizzeria GM / Facebook)

Pizzeria G.M. brings the high-class culinary flavors of its sister restaurant Gian Marcos to you in a casual atmosphere. Although all their pizza’s are incredible, I recommend getting The Ham & Potato or The Tommie—they both pack some serious taste.

6. Bettola

Birmingham pizza
Just look how fresh this Birmingham pizza looks. (Bettola / Facebook)

Bettola’s Italian food is top-notch and a taste of their pizzas will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Naples. You can get any of their delicious stone-fired pies for lunch or dinner, and I recommend the Prosciutto e Mascarpone.

7. LĂ© Fresca

This Birmingham pizza looks YUM. (LĂ© Fresca / Facebook)

LĂ© Fresca is authentic pizza all the way, serving it true Italian style with special flour imported from Italy. This pizza is delivered to you unsliced, but don’t worry, the waiter will slice it for you upon request. Fun fact: in Italy, they eat theirs with a knife and fork.

8. Pizza Grace

pizza grace
Pizza Grace Owner makes a pie. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Pizza Grace is a brand-new pizzeria at Mercantile on Morris in Birmingham that you have to try out. What sets Pizza Grace apart from the competition? It’s the dough. They use a three-ingredient, naturally leavened dough, which is responsible for the pizza’s well-textured and flavorful crust.

9. De Vinci’s Pizza

Birmingham pizza
Cheese to the max, please. (De Vinci’s Pizza, / Facebook)

De Vinci’s in Homewood, is cozy and warm and everything an Italian joint should be. Their pizzas are cheesy, thick and great to share.

10. Little Italy’s Pizza & Pints

Birmingham pizza
The cheesy bread is a pizza in and of itself. Look at that cheese! (Little Italy’s Pizza and Pints / Facebook)

Little Italy’s is the perfect place to go late at night after a concert or time spent at the bars. They’re open until 2AM every night and their pizza hits the spot every time.

11. Davenport’s Pizza Palace

Davenport is a great place to go to split a pie with some friends. (Davenports Pizza / Facebook)

Established in 1964, Davenport’s is one of the original pizza restaurants not only in the Birmingham area, but the entire South. A Mountain Brook institution, the Davenport’s is known for its made from scratch pizza and family friendly atmosphere.

12. The Filling Station Bham

It’s pizza time. (Beth Cunningham / Bham Now)

The Filling Station is a unique spot with some even more unique pizzas. Made to look like an old-fashioned gas station from the outside, this spot serves pies with toppings from eggplant to buffalo shrimp.

13. Troup’s Pizza

Birmingham pizza
Cheesy, veggie heaven. (Troup’s Pizza / Facebook)

Ok, we are drooling over Troup’s Pizza, especially the Happy Hippie. Toppings: spinach, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, shaved red onions, blue cheese crumbles, house cheese blend, pesto sauce.

14. Tratorria Zaza

Pizza piled high with deliciousness. (Zaza / Instagram)

A pizza place that highlights as a brunch dive on weekend? Yes, please! ZaZa’s rectangular-shaped pizza (inspired by the Romans) became an instant sensation.

15. North Italia

How do you say “I’m drooling” in Italian? Asking for a friend. (North Italia / Facebook)

North Italia is an upscale Italian chain that recently came to the Summit, and oh am I glad they did. After the leave of California Pizza Kitchen, the Summit needed to fill the pizza hole, and North Italia did it better than I could’ve dreamed.

16. Baker’s Famous Pizza

Pizza is always a good choice. (Baker’s Famous Pizza / Facebook)

This pizza joint might look unassuming on the outside, but try a taste of their pies and you’ll understand the hype.

17. Slim’s Pizzeria

This pizza is a beauty. (Slim’s Pizza / Instagram)

Slim’s Pizza serves their pies New York Style, baked in a triple-decker oven to make a crisp, flavorful crust.

18. Bellini’s Ristorante & Bar

pizza in bham
Take a bite out of this pizza pie. (Bellini’s / Facebook)

Bellini’s is home to tasty Italian food in a romantic setting. Try their Italian Sausage Pizza with sweet peppers and tomatoes.

19. Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato

A beautiful setting for great pizza. (Vecchia /Facebook)

Another classic Italian restaurant, Vecchia Pizzeria is located in Hoover near The Preserve. Their Chicken, Spinach Alfredo Pizza is everything you could want and more.

20. Area 41 Pizza Co.

Birmingham Pizza
This pie is making me hungry. (Area 41 Pizza Co. / Facebook)

Head to Area 41 Pizza Co. and try the Blonde Ambition. This white pizza is topped with roasted garlic, herbed ricotta, mozzarella and fresh basil.

21. Bottega Café

This pie looks almost too pretty to eat, almost. (Bottega Cafe / Facebook)

Bottega Café is a classic both as a restaurant and with their pizza. Toppings for the Margherita: marinara, mozzarella and basil.

22. Potatoe Potahtoz & The Perfic Pizza

Potatoe Potahtoz & Perfec Pizza. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Loaded baked potatoes and pizza. Brilliant! As a connoisseur of comfort food, this menu— which also includes wings and out of this world cheesecake—is heavenly.

23. Vocelli Pizza Greystone

Birmingham pizza
Pineapple on pizza anyone(Vocelli / Facebook)

Vocelli Pizza in Greystone has been selling quality pizza for years. If you want something quick, tasty and easy, this is your spot.

24. Salvatore’s Pizza & Pasta

Add extra cheese to mine. (Salvatore’s Pizza and Pasta / Facebook)

Salvatore’s Pizza and Pasta follows a family tradition. Salvatore learned the craft from his father and brought their pizza all the way from New York City to Alabama.

25. Mojo Pub

Have you ever tried cookie dough pizza? (Mojos Pub / Facebook)

Live music Tuesday-Saturday, a late-night kitchen open till 2AM… what more could you want in a pub? Must-try dish—Obviously pizza! That’s all you need to know. Mojo has all kinds (even dessert pizza),and it all looks delicious

26. Lehman’s Pizzeria

Birmingham Pizza
What style pizza is your favorite? (Tira Davis / Bham Now)

Lehman’s Pizzeria is Woodlawn’s newest spot to get affordable pizza. They also offer pastas, salad, desserts and vegan options including their signature cauliflower crust. I recommend trying their “Mama’s banana pudding” for dessert—you won’t regret it.

27. Dave’s Pizza

Birmingham, Homewood, Dave's Pizza, restaurants, Sundays
Head to Dave’s Pizza in Homewood. (Dave’s Pizza /Facebook)

Dave’s Pizza, which is nestled in Homewood’s charming SoHo Square, has been a community favorite for years. With great pizza, good beer and live entertainment, Dave’s is the perfect place for a chill night out with family or friends.

All pizza dough is prepared daily, and sizes run from small to jumbo.

28. Pies & Pints

Birmingham pizza
The gluten-free choice is the best! (Pies and Pints Pizzeria / Facebook)

For mouth-watering pizza, make it a house pie from Pies & Pints Pizzeria. For $2 extra, any house pie at Pints & Pies Pizzeria can be made on a small size gluten-free crust.

29. Carpenetti’s Pizza

This place is a Moody classic. ( Carpenetti’s Pizza / Facebook)

Located in Moody, this adorable pizza joint has been around since 1997—25 years.

30. Giuseppe’s Cafe

Giuseppe Cafe Birmingham
Giuseppe’s Cafe. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Hidden away past UAB is Giuseppe’s. Looking for something less formal? Then this is one of the best places for laid-back Italian dining. In fact, Giuseppe’s is considered “Alabama’s best kept secret.” Their pizza is 10/10.

Location: 925 8th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205

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