Marcus Lundy out of city council race, Carlos Chaverst not running for mayor

There are a lot of people who have declared their intents to run, ya’ll, along with a few who have already bowed out. Who are they? Check out our UPDATED list of potential candidates who are running as of 5/24/17.

Marcus Lundy Birmingham City Council District 9
Marcus Lundy, via Birmingham Times

But First, The News

Yesterday was a big day for city-wide election news, as District 9 Councilor Marcus Lundy said he was not running for re-election. According to the Birmingham Times, Lundy’s decision was based on family, faith and work priorities and not pressure from the mayor’s office. Weld has a different take on Lundy’s announcement.

One Day you’re running …

Carlos Chaverst is out of the mayoral race. While he declared his intent to run and participated in the first mayoral forum, he does not meet the age requirement to run for mayor. He is too young.

Candidates, Districts And Interviews

I’ve divided the list of potential candidates into their respective districts. Don’t know which district your neighborhood is in? This link from the Birmingham City Council will tell you.

I’m also sharing the neighborhoods for each district, according to the Birmingham City Council, as well as each current representative.

Mayoral candidates are listed at the bottom of this post.

This list is not exhaustive, as there is still time to join the race if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring. Know someone who is running who isn’t on the list? Know someone who has dropped out? Message me on Facebook: @bhamnow. I’ll be sure to make corrections and update the post.

Each candidate is linked to a Facebook page or election website if they have one. This is a good way to learn about them and get in touch with them. I’ve also included links to all Bham Now interviews that have been posted.

Your Voice Vote Birmingham 1 Marcus Lundy out of city council race, Carlos Chaverst not running for mayor


Your current councilor is Lashunda Scales.
She represents: Apple Valley, Bridlewood, Echo Highlands, Huffman, Killough Springs (Also part of District 4), Springlake, Sun Valley.


Sherman Collins has declared his intent to run. We look forward to interviewing him for Bham Now. Here is a link to his campaign Facebook page.


Your current councilor is Kim Rafferty. She has declared her intent to run.
She represents:  Brown Springs, Crestline, Crestwood South, Eastwood, Huffman, Liberty Highlands, Overton, Roebuck, Roebuck Springs, South East Lake.


If you click on their names, the link will take you to their respective campaign websites: Lawrence Conaway, Kimberly Jeanty, Stephen L. Murphy, Kim Rafferty (incumbent), Deanna Reed, Jordan Thompson and Tyrone Williams.  Bham Now has interviewed Conaway, JeantyMurphy, Rafferty (incumbent) Thompson and Williams. We look forward to interviewing Deanna Reed.


Your current councilor is Valerie Abbott.
She represents: Crestwood North, Crestwood South, East Avondale, Five Points South (Also part of  District 5), Forest Park (Also part of  District 5), Glen Iris (Also part of  District 6), Highland Park, Redmont Park, South Avondale.


Rowan Henderson and Ryan Jones. We’ve interviewed Henderson and Jones. Stay tuned to see if Abbott will be running.


Your current councilor is  William Parker. He represents:
Airport Highlands, Brownsville Heights, Brumitt Heights, Collegeville, East Birmingham, Harriman Park, Fairmont, Inglenook, Killough Springs (Also part of  District 1), Kingston, North Avondale, Eastlake, North Norwood, Maple Grove, Penfield Park, Pine Knoll Vista, Woodlawn, Zion City.


Sergio Williams is currently running. Here is the link to Bham Now’s interview with him.


Your current councilor is Council President Johnathan Austin.
He represents: Central City, College Hills, Crestwood North, Druid Hills, Eastlake, East Avondale, Five Points South (Also part of  District 3), Forest park (Also part of  District 3), Fountain Heights, Gate City, Graymont (Also part of  District 6), North Avondale, Oak Ridge Park, Smithfield, Southside, Wahouma.


Dorothea CrosbyChris Davis, Darrell O’Quinn, Jeremy Schatz and Robert Walker have declared. Bham Now has interviewed CrosbyO’Quinn and Schatz.


Your current councilor is Shelia Tyson. She represents: Arlington West End, Cooper Green Homes, Glen Iris (Also part of District 3), Graymont (Also part of  District 5), Mason  City, Loveman Village, North Titusville, Oakwood Place, Powderly (Also part of  District 7), Smithfield, South Titusville, West End Oark, Woodland Park.


Keith O. Williams has declared his intent to run. Here is the link to our interview with Williams.


Your current councilor is Council President Pro-Tem Jay Roberson.
He represents: Central Park, East Brownville, Garden Highlands, Germania Park, Graselli Heights, Hillman, Hillman Park, Jones Valley,  Powderly  (Also part of  District 6), Oakwood Place, Oxmoor Valley, Riley Travelick, Roosevelt City, Tarpley City, West Brownville, West End Manor, West Goldwire.


Titus Battle, Hosea Lewis, Lonnie Malone and Jeffrey Rowser have declared their intents. Bham Now has interviewed Battle and Malone.


Your current councilor is Steven Hoyt.
He represents: Belview Heights, Bush Hills, Central Park, Ensley (Also part of  District 9), Ensley Highlands, Fairview, Rising West Princeton, Thomas, Tuxedo.


Jheri Robinson has declared an intent to run.


Your current councilor is Marcus Lundy. He announced yesterday that he will not be seeking reelection.

Lundy represents: ACIPCO Finley, Central, North and South Pratt, Hooper City, Ensley (Also part of  District 8), Oak Ridge, North Birmingham (Also part of District 4), Sandusky, Smithfiled Estates, Sherman Heights, Tuxedo, Wylam, Dolomite, Evergreen (Also part of District 5), East Thomas, Enon Ridge.


 John Hilliard and Eric Hall are running.


  1. Incumbent Mayor William Bell
  2. Patricia Bell
  3. Randy Davis
  4. Philemon Hill
  5. Frank Matthews
  6. Fernandez (Brother) Sims
  7. Randall Woodfin
  8. Chris Woods

Bham Now has interviewed Patricia BellRandy Davis, Philemon Hill, Randall Woodfin and Chris Woods.

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