Birmingham Mayor William Bell announces Operation Eagle

Finding news to report on in Birmingham can be depressing work.  I generally sort news articles by “most recent” to find a lead and work from there, but that means I have to wade through dozens of reports of people’s ruined lives. Continue reading “Birmingham Mayor William Bell announces Operation Eagle”

Elite Birmingham startups prepare to strut their stuff

Velocity Office Birmingham
I visited the Velocity office during lunch, so pictures were A-OK – via James Ozment

The Birmingham startup scene is getting a lot more interesting.  Innovation Depot, which rents space and offers in-house resources to local startups, is ready to showcase almost a dozen different graduates of its Velocity accelerator program.   Continue reading “Elite Birmingham startups prepare to strut their stuff”

Chris Rock hates your phone

You wouldn’t record a comedy show… would you? image rehosted from

Anyone going to Chris Rock’s show this Friday will have to check their phone into a Yondr pouch.  As phone cameras and microphones improve and their usage becomes more normal, artists are fighting back.  Enter Yondr, a relatively recent startup renting location-based, lockable, and knife-proof (it has been tested!) cell phone pouches.

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Birmingham Bakeries: Part 1

So you want to ruin someone’s diet.  The good news is that this is a great city to cheat on a diet with. The bad news is that you might not know the best spots.  We’re here to help, with a series of guides to bakeries around Birmingham!  (Because if you’re going to cheat on the diet, why not make sure the whole office cheats, too?)  This round, we’re focusing on Downtown – the urban center.

the view from Edgar’s Bakery – via Yelp

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A new hope in the fight against genetic disorders

A model of a DNA strand. The real thing isn’t this colorful – Rehosted from

UAB announced last Thursday a plan to learn more about and potentially reduce the risk of genetic diseases.  The project will be conducted at a statewide level, recruiting a representative sample of Alabama residents.  Dean of UAB School of Medicine Selwyn Vickers, M.D. says the knowledge gained during the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative “will potentially rewrite our understanding of the burden of disease on our population.  This project can have tremendous impact on the residents of Alabama and stimulate economic development in the state.” Continue reading “A new hope in the fight against genetic disorders”

So what is our government actually doing?

shamelessly ripped straight from – our skyline is beautiful

In the past, I’ve written about some out-there plans by our local and state governments, like the attempt to bring back tax deductions for renovating historic buildings or the motion to allow golf cart taxis on certain Birmingham streets.  It’s great to hear about what’s going on in the moment, but how did these resolutions turn out?  Let’s take a look!

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Birmingham’s Top Things To Do: March 9-15

We have another shortlist of things to do in Birmingham!  At least until next Wednesday, here are ten of my most-anticipated events:

String Theory @ Trimtab Brewing Company, March 10, starts 7PM – This local group of conservatory-trained musicians play pop and rock on their classical instruments.  Hearing a complete genre breakdown is really incredible.  Details

Legends of the Galactic Heroes, tellin it like it is

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Autonomous Cars in Alabama – Are we ready?

Remember Herbie? Rehosted from

Look at nearly any science fiction show since Herbie and you’ll see cars that drive themselves.  If you buy certain models, today your car can even park itself.  But we’re a long way off from being able to call our cars on the phone and have them pick us up, according to Dr. Abidin Yildirim, Director of UAB’s Signal Processing and Embedded Systems Laboratory.  Dr. Yildirim and his laboratory work on the most important part of any autonomous car: the programming that allows a car to interpret and react to its surroundings.  I interviewed Dr. Yildirim and visited his lab to learn more about what is being pushed as the future of transportation.

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Making AirWaves: Good People hosting 6th annual Riverkeeper benefit

From last year’s AirWave festival, via

The AirWave Festival is back! The festival, scheduled for Saturday, March 25, to benefit local riverkeeper organizations Black Warrior , Coosa, and Cahaba Riverkeeper is hosted again this year by Good People Brewing Company. Continue reading “Making AirWaves: Good People hosting 6th annual Riverkeeper benefit”

Ten events to try and see next week

If you only have time (or cash) for ten events next week, have I got a list for you!  That’s right, it’s a top ten, for events coming next week!  I try to include youtube links to music when I can, so don’t click things if you’re at work and aren’t using headphones.  In the spirit of different strokes for different folks and not actually having seen them yet, I’m not going to rank any of these.

Amos Lee.  Source:

Amos Lee – Playing at the Alabama Theatre Feb 28th, doors open 7.30PM.  Read more

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