Distracted Driving: the hidden insurance expense

Technically, this guy is texting in a parking space, which is totally fine – via fishertalwar.com

Distracted driving kills thousands every year – almost 3,500 people died as a result of it in 2015 alone. While the NHTSA’s definition, which includes “fiddling with the stereo,” might be a little extreme (unless your stereo-fiddling itself is extreme, in which case send me a video), distracted driving is a serious problem. How can you combat it in the absolute easiest way?  This guide should make driving easier, safer, and more fun.  Continue reading “Distracted Driving: the hidden insurance expense”

Staying secure in 2017

Ghost in the Shell is why I flat-out refuse to have any electronics inside me, no matter how cool they might seem. This logo was made by some guy going by the handle motwaaagh

Have you ever seen the old Ghost in the Shell series? It was awesome, you should watch it. More importantly, though, it’s becoming more and more relevant: far too many computers today are vulnerable to malware.

Last week, a multi-continent attack crippled Britain’s National Health Services, among other individuals and groups. How can you ensure your own computers are secure?

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Birmingham’s Bike to Work Day is May 19th: what you need to know

Zach Riggins, Jason Bierley, and Brian Toone took B2W day to an awesome extreme and pedaled all the way to Tuscaloosa! – via wbrc.com and Terri Brewer

I’ve posted before supporting Birmingham cycling, so when I got the opportunity to work on the upcoming Bike to Work Day, I jumped, exams or no exams! Continue reading “Birmingham’s Bike to Work Day is May 19th: what you need to know”

Citizen, Agent, or both? The FBI Citizen’s Academy explained

Cloudy days are actually the best days to take a photo, because light diffuses evenly – image via Justin Childs

Most likely, the extent of your involvement with the FBI is limited to what you’ve seen on the X-Files or the Blacklist.  The Bureau just isn’t something the average citizen comes into meaningful contact with.  But being an “average citizen,” as peaceful and routine as it might be, might not satisfy you.  I’m not saying you should commit a string of felonies across state borders (please don’t), but how does one get involved with the FBI?

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Birmingham’s Top 10 for May 3 – May 9

So I was looking through our calendar (plus a couple of my own sources, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything), and noticed something: this upcoming week has a TON of incredible concerts!  Birmingham nightlife is picking up steam as we head into summer, and a surprising amount of it is free.  So apologies to those who don’t like music (you monsters!) for my recommendations this week (which aren’t ALL music, but there’s a lot)!

what's with metal bands and black tshirts, anyway?
Run! It’s Gojira! – via jusebeats.com

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Shining a light on Birmingham’s next-gen streetlights

A photo of Regions Field by Martin Gilmore – via Alabama NewsCenter

While you may have seen AL Power’s signature utility trucks repairing stoplights and streetlights before, you might not know that these lights are actually owned by the utility provider, and that they’re getting an upgrade.  Alabama Power is on track to replace the city of Birmingham’s street lighting with cool, clear LED lights, shifting away from the typical gas-discharge street lighting characterized by warm light.  But how is our city involved?

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UAB begins to focus on preventing, rather than curing, Alzheimer’s disease

via Calgary Medical Marijuana Community

More than a century has passed since Alois Alzheimer first identified Alzheimer’s disease.  We are still far away from a true cure for the fatal condition, though scientists make progress every day.  The University of Alabama at Birmingham, however, wants to find more than just a cure.  Finding a cure still means having to diagnose people with Alzheimer’s.  That’s where Neurology Chair David Geldmacher, M.D. and Erik Roberson, M.D., Ph.D, want to make a change. Continue reading “UAB begins to focus on preventing, rather than curing, Alzheimer’s disease”

Birmingham startups in final stretch of Velocity program

Velocity Demo Day is just around the corner, and the nine startups are gearing up to present! In our last article, we introduced five companies. Here, we’re introducing the last four of the 2017 Velocity startups that will present at Iron City on Tuesday.

No longer a social faux pas? – via soyrural.es

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Birmingham increases its Velocity

Via Micheal Tomberlin

While I was talking to Estes Gould, the program manager for Birmingham’s Velocity startup accelerator, I was introduced to Jack West.  Jack is intense, he’s a people person, and he’s got a positively sunny outlook.  Maybe it’s the excitement of his company being on the end stretch of a fast-track program, having the potential to make it big in something nobody had thought of before.  Maybe it was the impending “graduation,” the big public reveal on the 18th, that he and his team were preparing for.

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