Proton, anti-cancer: UAB building new radiation treatment center

A current proton therapy machine. Source:

UAB is installing a new and improved form of cancer treatment – proton therapy. Proton therapy is generally described as x-ray radiation therapy, but better: it’s more precise and less damaging to healthy tissue than its more common counterpart.

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BhamOS: science fiction comes to life in the magic city

Totally, 100% accurate depiction of a smart city. Definitely not Tron promo art.

The idea of “smart cities” has been around even longer people have been using “smart” as a synonym for “connected.”  All through popular media, the “grid” is becoming aware of its residents, helping them get to work faster, safer, and less stressfully.  Sure, there are those inconvenient robot uprisings and security exploits, but those are all just plot points, right?

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Coming up this week…

So I’ve noticed there hasn’t been an “upcoming events” post in a while – we seem to be focusing on single events.  And to top it all off, birmingham365 is giving me an error page on my laptop.  So I’ll do it myself!  Coming up this week in Birmingham (keep in mind that none of the artist links should be considered worksafe unless your job is to listen to music)…

Chief Keef forgetting you can’t call people on your money –

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Friday night fracking: Energen expects to expand

Energen Plaza in Birmingham (yeah, it’s that building!) Rehosted from Flickr

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what Energen is.  The Birmingham-based oil drilling company doesn’t exactly show off.  But today, the “exploration and production” company announced a plan to significantly expand their American drilling operations in a conference call with slides available here.

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Can You Make Money with Airbnb in Birmingham?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Airbnb.  Maybe it’s been positive, maybe it’s been controversial, and maybe you’ve used it yourself, but the odds are pretty high that you haven’t used it in Birmingham, AL.

Airbnb is available all over the world, but centers on places people visit.  Who knew!  Source:

The idea of renting a place to stay from someplace cheaper than a hotel (and probably more likely to let you use a kitchen) is attractive, and home sharing has been around probably since there were homes: the Greeks felt a duty to let travelers stay in their homes for the night, and some of us are familiar with the time-honored tradition of couch-surfing.  The internet, and especially Craigslist, made all that easier.  But today, home-sharing has gone commercial, interactive, and centralized, thanks to our new obsession with the “gig economy.”

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Followup: CrossPlex Village isn’t all fun and games

Jefferson County Millennial Democrats’ Facebook profile banner

Yesterday morning, I wrote about the City Council’s approval of a proposed CrossPlex Village near Five Points West.

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to get in contact with the most visible voice of dissent: the Jefferson County Millennial Democrats.

Speaking with their treasurer, Emma Colburn, I was able to get a more in-depth analysis of why they object to the development approval.

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Historic tax credit could make historic comeback

If Alabama senators Jabo Waggoner (R-Vestavia Hills) and Del Marsh (R-Anniston) have their way, renovating Alabama’s historic buildings is going to get a lot cheaper. The Historical Rehabilitation Tax Credit expired in 2016, and these two state senators are re-introducing the credit this legislative session.

The Lyric Theatre benefited from the original historical renovation tax credit, which expired in 2016

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Birmingham could go bananas for bike lanes

Birmingham has long been familiar with road cycling groups, and academically, I think everyone understands the positive benefits of getting outside and moving around. However, many roadworthy bikes can be a hefty investment of time, money, or both. With  Zyp’s bike-sharing program, however, Birmingham could see a lot more cyclists on the road.

An army of bicycles… is it the future?

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UAB On Bleeding Edge of Helmet Design – Can we make football safer?

Cross-section computer render of the upcoming VICIS ZERO1

Alabama loves football.  But it’s a rough sport.  You probably know  someone who’s been injured in the game.  Recently, football has come under fire for the inherent risks, which include the lifelong effects of repeated head injuries, such as concussions.  Helmets used today offer protection from direct impacts, but little else.  Can technology make it safer?

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