Birmingham’s Food Park kicks off!

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An official food park photo – via facebook

The Birmingham Food Park celebrated its grand opening today!  I went out for lunch, and we had an awesome time – read about it here.

I’m ignoring, for now, the idea of a park where food trucks can all come together.  It might seem like it defeats the purpose of food trucks, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Giving food trucks a guaranteed audience holds potential for both trucks and their hungry patrons.

birmingham food park
A closer up view of the food park from their facebook page

Featuring The Hot Tag, Encore Rouge, Fat Mama’s Lunchbox, and Steel City Pops, the park offers a space for a shifting roster of food trucks to open up for lunch.  While there wasn’t any band when I was there, the website promises occasional live music.  The Hot Tag brought a bluetooth speaker they played music from, though.

The size of the park immediately strikes visitors.  It might have come down to the opening-day swell of crowds, but this place couldn’t take any more people!  The park, per se, is a former parking lot with shaded benches in it and space for vendors to set up.  I ate at the Hot Tag.  They had actually run out of quesadillas, so I got a Free Bird sandwich (fried chicken and whiskey cole slaw on texas toast – it’s amazing).

birmingham food park
“It’s not as big as I expected” – commonly overheard during my time at the park

What can you expect?  That’s a very good question.  I’m not certain you can actually expect anything.  Yes, there will be food trucks!  But what food trucks arrive, how large a crowd will visit, and the weather are all subject to change.  Give this park a shot, again and again!

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