Your guide to sushi in Birmingham—24 must-try spots

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Birmingham sushi
Time to Rock N Roll. (Rock N Roll Sushi Birmingham/Facebook)

Ah, sushi. For some, it’s a little too risky for their taste buds. But for the ones that get it (me included), there are plenty of delicious spots to get your fix of sushi in Birmingham. Keep sc-roll-ing for the o-fish-al guide.

1. Shiki

Shiki—sushi in Birmingham
Raise your hand if you could finish this all by yourself. 🙋‍♀️ (Shiki/Facebook)

Not only does Shiki have incredible sushi, but they’ve also got an amazing happy hour as well. 1/2 price apps and $5 margaritas + mojitos and $4 house wine.

2. Rock N Roll Sushi

Rock N Roll sushi—sushi in Birmingham
Let’s rock. 🎸 (Rock N Roll Sushi Birmingham/Facebook)

True to the name, you can find rockin’ rolls like the Jam Sesh, Tour Bus and British Invasion Roll.

3. Surin West

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Hand-rolled with care. (Surin West/Facebook)

Surin West specializes in authentic Thai and sushi. Their spicy coconut soup is *chefs kiss*.

4. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Kobe has several unique dining experiences, including the Teppanyaki grills, where you watch chefs create yummy dishes right in front of you.


IKKO—sushi in Birmingham
The Dragon Roll 🐉. (Bham Now)

Trust me, IKKO sushi is a can’t-miss. While you’re at it, try their delicious IKKO buns with your order.

6. Jinsei Sushi

Jinsei offers fish options flown in from all over the world—so you know you’re getting that authentic experience.

7. Umami

Umami—sushi in Birmingham
Bham Nower Cecilia ❤️’s Umami. (Cecilia Wood/Bham Now)

Located in the heart of Lakeview, Umami offers sushi, Asian inspired cuisine and unique cocktails.

8. Bamboo on 2nd

Bamboo on 2nd—sushi in Birmingham
Yeah, that is in fact a sushi boat you’re looking at. (Bamboo on 2nd/Facebook)

Ok, even if you don’t get the sushi boat, you have got to try this place. I dream about the Magic City roll.

9. Sushi Village

For fabulous food presentation and A-1 sushi, look no further.

  • Hours: Closed Monday; Tues.-Thurs. 11AM-3:30PM, 5-10PM; Fri. 11AM-3:30PM, 5-11PM; Sat. 12-11PM; Sun. 12-10PM
  • Locations: Crestwood | 280
  • Website

10. Mt Fuji Japanese Sushi Steakhouse

Hibachi and sushi under one roof makes for a great dining experience.

11. Ginza Sushi and Korean BBQ

Ginza sushi—sushi in Birmingham
A rainbow of yum. (Ginza Birmingham/Facebook)

I mean, the picture of this fresh, flavorful fish should speak for itself. Plus, if you’ve never tried Korean BBQ, go get you some Bulgogi 🔥.

12. Chuck’s Fish

Chuck's FIsh—sushi in Birmingham
This sushi is on a roll. *ba dum tss* 🥁 (Chuck’s Fish Birmingham/Facebook)

Chuck’s Fish is perfect for a romantic date night, even if the date is just you and some beautifully plated sushi.

13. Konomi

Konomi is known for its kind service and accommodations + decadent sushi options.

14. Yummy Bowl

According to their website, Yummy Bowl’s fresh ingredients and exotic sauces will take your taste buds on a flavor journey. Sign me up.

15. Bricktop’s

Bricktop's—sushi in Birmingham
Give the Tokyo Roll a try! (Bricktop’s/ Instagram)

If you weren’t aware of Bricktop’s fine sushi options, now you know. The Toyko Roll has a divine blend of sauces and a little bit of crunch.

16. Maki Fresh

Maki Fresh has got it all—bowls, rolls and even burgers.

17. Nori Thai and Sushi

Nori thai—sushi in Birmingham
That roll doe 👀. (Nori Thai and Sushi Birmingham/ Facebook)

Nori receives rave reviews for their authentic Thai food and of course, sushi rolls.

18. Okinawa Sushi and Hibachi

Okinawa—sushi in Birmingham
This Sushi arrangement is almost too beautiful to eat! (Okinawa Sushi and Hibachi Restaraunt)

How can you say no to a presentation like that? Okinawa is all about that quality plating.

19. 5 Point Public House and Oyster Bar

5 point public house—sushi in Birmingham
The Soul Roll. (5 Point Public House and Oyster Bar)

Oysters and sushi in one place? That’s good for the soul.

20. Samurai Japan

Samurai Japan has lovely patio seating and amazing sushi options.

21. Abhi

Abhi—sushi in Birmingham
In the heart of Mountain Brook Village. (Bham Now)

From the former executive chef at Bamboo on 2nd, Abhi offers exquisite sushi and Asian-inspired dishes.

22. Osaka Sushi Bar

Osaka is a fan-favorite in the Bham Now office.

23. Ocean

Ocean—sushi in Birmingham
Smoked Salmon King Crab Roll—yum 😍 (Ocean)

For some of the best fresh seafood in Bham, including sushi, head over to Ocean.

Honorable Mention: Wasabi Juans

Wasabi Juans—sushi in Birmingham
Sushi in burrito form still counts, right? (Cecilia Wood/ Bham Now)

Take it from me, if you like sushi, you’re gonna have heart-eyes for these sushi-ritos!

Lookin’ for your sushi fix out of town? We’ve got you covered:

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