Meet ALEX: The Alabama Experience at The World Games 2022


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Getting ready. (ALEX)

The World Games 2022 are coming to town very soon and people will be visiting Birmingham from all over the world. Keep reading to learn how The Alabama Experience will use this opportunity show what Alabama has to offer as a place to live and work.

What is The Alabama Experience?

The World Games 2022 come to Birmingham on July 7 and our friends at AlabamaWorks! are partnering with other organizations to introduce the world to the real “Alabama Experience.” Whether you’ve lived in the state all your life, or you’re coming to visit from out of town, you are going to want to be a part of this.

Called ALEX for short, this will be an opportunity for fans of The World Games 2022 to learn more about Alabama…jobs, education, lifestyle, benefits, advantages and more.

“By focusing on information technology, advanced manufacturing and health sciences jobs, we are going to be affecting about 40% of the unfilled jobs in the state and really focusing on the salaries available for people, but then show people what that value is within the state. Our cost of living is phenomenal, and the overall lifestyle in Alabama convinces you to never leave.”

Mike Oatridge, Founder, ALEX

Come see what ALEX has in store! It opens July 7th on Regions World Games Plaza (Located at the corner of 9th Avenue North and Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard) from 1–8 PM

  • July 7-13: 1PM–8PM
  • July 14: 1PM–4:30PM
  • July 15-17: 1PM-8PM


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Located at the Regions World Games Plaza. (ALEX)

Having so many people come to the state for TWG 2022 is a fantastic opportunity to show what Alabama is all about. But how?

Here’s how The Alabama Experience will go down:

“The Alabama Experience isn’t a job fair. I don’t think anyone is coming to The World Games 2022 to look for a job. But I think that’s what is going to end up happening. As somebody travels through the experience, they’re going to get a feel of what types of careers are available in the state and what those salaries pay.”

Mike Oatridge, Strategic Workforce Solutions

Located on the Regions World Games Plaza throughout The World Games 2022, the experience will take visitors beyond just seeing what careers we have available. The goal is to transform them further than that by showing what educational opportunities are available in the state, what it’s like to live in a particular city, cost of living and all the amenities we have here that people may not have access to in other states.

The cherry on top

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Ready to show off our state! (ALEX)

According to Mike Oatridge, people arealready going to be coming into the state and seeing what a great place it is all on their own.

“The Alabama Experience is just going to be the cherry on top where people can come through and experience what it is like to really live here. This will hopefully start to bring some real change to the perception that people have about the state as a place to start a career.”

Mike Oatridge, Strategic Workforce Solutions

See what’s right in our own backyard

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Live here. Work here. Grow here. (ALEX)

The experience isn’t only targeted towards people coming from out of state. Another goal of the initiative is to reach the people that may take our state for granted and show them what’s right in front of them.

“This an opportunity to not only showcase all the state has to offer to our national and international guests, but to help our local residents better understand the phenomenal career opportunities that are available to them. This an innovative recruitment tool that will help encourage our citizens to rethink what work looks like across our various industry sectors.”  

Antiqua Cleggett, Executive Director, Central Six AlabamaWorks!

Don’t miss the premiere of ALEX at The World Games 2022. Contact Audrey Ferguson with any questions or media requests by phone or email.

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