Lifelyles Gifts & Interiors makes its way to Mercantile on Morris

Mercantile on Morris is lookin' good. Lifelyles.
Mercantile on Morris is lookin’ good. Photo via Olivia Moses for Bham Now

As more businesses announce their plans for their new homes in Mercantile on Morris, it’s especially exciting to see brand new businesses take flight. Lifelyles Gifts & Interiors is making Suite 104 their home in just a short couple of months. Ready to welcome them to Morris Ave? Keep reading to get the scoop.

The Life of LifeLyles

Peyton C. Lyles
Peyton C. Lyles, Owner of Lifelyles. Photo via Lifelyles

Get ready to meet Lifelyles’ owner & namesake, Peyton Lyles. As a Birmingham resident with an ongoing passion for interior design and gift giving, he thought of no better business plan than opening a business that he could call his own.

The name Lifelyles is special to him because it creatively combines the word “lifestyle” with his last name, Lyles.

Now, just to find the perfect place to house his business. The vibrant, modern space of Mercantile on Morris seemed to be a good fit with the variety of creative businesses, restaurants, and local artists.

“After touring Mercantile on Morris, I knew this would be the perfect place to bring my passion to life.”

– Peyton C. Lyles, Lifelyles, Owner

He was sold on Suite 104, located right beside the wide staircase leading to and from First Ave. North. Now that the sign is officially in the window, he and his contractor are stoked to get started on construction.

What they’re bringing to the table

The new Lifelyles logo—complete with the sparrow.
The new Lifelyles logo—complete with the sparrow. Photo via Lifelyles

As a gifts and interiors shop, they are going to be offering quite the selection. Lyles says they will be offering pantry goods, home accents, stationary, self care products, local art and much more.

Lyles is also passionate about sustainability. Growing up in rural Alabama, he spent time among the woods and creeks—fueling his fire for environmental efforts and sustainable goods.

The logo you see above contains a Swallow, which is the bird on the Lyles family crest. With these personal touches, it gives this brand a pop of personality and sentimentality that is unmatched. Because the brand contains these elements, it makes it even sweeter.

Who else is ready to shop Lifelyles? We’re most excited to welcome them to one of Birmingham’s trendiest areas and see how they cultivate relationships within the Birmingham community.

Lifelyles’ neighbors

There’s so much coming to Mercantile on Morris, and we’re so excited for their upcoming openings. To name a few: Bridge and Root, Scott Miller Projects and Pizza Grace. We can’t wait to have a vibrant community of businesses all in one place.

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