Innovation Depots Velocity Accelerator: Birmingham’s Startup Bootcamp

With over 200 people in attendance, the Velocity Accelerator was welcomed into Birmingham this past Tuesday.

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Birmingham Mountain Radio Website Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t already seen, or rather, heard the buzz, Birmingham Mountain Radio (107.3 FM!) has gotten a MAJOR website upgrade and redesign that just launched today.

Platypi, a Birmingham-based digital marketing company, designed the website. Emily Nicholson, Platypi Art Director, described the makeover as “retro and modern to reflect the personality of BMR”.

There is just something about a fresh website that makes live-streaming a radio station that much more satisfying. Happy listening, and congrats to the BMR and Platypi crews!

Check it out for yourself at

Stanford University bans hard liquor following Brock Turner conviction

According to the Associated Press, officials at Stanford University have banned hard liquor at campus parties following the conviction of former Stanford student, Brock Turner. Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after drinking at a party on campus. Continue reading “Stanford University bans hard liquor following Brock Turner conviction”

Kid Ink to Perform at UAB’s Back to School Concert

The back to school concert at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will feature Hip-Hop artist Kid Ink. Kid Ink is known for popular songs like “Show Me” feat. Chris Brown, “Main Chick” feat. Chris Brown and Tyga, and “Be Real” feat. Dej Loaf.

UAB students have the chance to open for the “Body Language” artist through a contest hosted by UAB Student Media.

The show starts at 7 pm on August 28th and will take place at the Student Center Amphitheater. The general public can purchase tickets to the show for $10.

House Says ‘No Dice’ on Lottery Vote

Guess what? The House requires committee meetings to be advertised 24 hours in advance.  Since this meeting wasn’t, (and we wonder why it wasn’t) the House decided it would not bend the rules to allow for a vote before the August 24th deadline.  Interesting.  Now, the House is looking at using BP monies to fill void for Medicaid.  Read more from Yellowhammer News.

Alabama House of Representatives (Photo: Yellowhammer)
Alabama House of Representatives (Photo: Yellowhammer)



6th Annual Birmingham Fashion Week Kicks off Aug. 25th

Birmingham Fashion Week will feature multiple fashion shows from Aug. 25th-Aug. 27th, highlighting both seasoned and rising designers. Headlining designers include Bride by Design star and Birmingham native Heidi Elnora, Abbey Glass, and Rails.

Shows will be at the Historic Boutwell Auditorium. Schedule and ticket information can be found here.

Birmingham Holds Top 2 Spots in Most Segregated School Districts by Poverty

Birmingham has come a long way, but we still need to make things better for everyone.  

This report by NPR, shows that Birmingham, Alabama holds the top 2 spots when comparing poverty by school districts across the U.S.  We are the ONLY southern state to make the list.  Why?  We have divided ourselves into mini-locales that work independently.  This leads to some very wealthy school districts and some very poor ones.  Is this best for the overall growth and health of the Birmingham area?

More from NPR

August 26th, Sounds of the Night Hike at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Looking for a good hike in the dark of night? Well here ya go!

The Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is hosting a fun and interactive hike for the general public above the age of 10. By using the senses of touch, sound, and smell let the forest guide you through one of the two available trails.

The Preserve wants you to note, “Much of the time, hikers will need to keep quiet to allow for the sounds of the forest to guide you along the path. The hike will be about 2 miles long…”

So get your boots and prepare your night vision, because this is sure to be a unique experience.

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