Yesterday, Producer Wade Live-Tweeted His Experience at Local Coffee Spots

For an upcoming Bham coffee guide, here are the some of the tweets about yesterdays adventure.

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Truman Capote’s Ashes Auctioned Today for $45,000

“If it wasn’t for it being Truman Capote, it would have been disrespectful,” said Darren Julien, President and Chief Executive of Julien Auctions in LA.  This was the first time the company had auctioned off human remains.  In addition to his ashes, other Capote belongings were auctioned today including the shirt he was wearing when he died.
 Courtesy of CNN

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What if we all used One Less Straw?

Check out the #onelessstraw pledge to help reduce our plastic use.  Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. This would fill over 125 school buses with straws every day. That’s 46,400 school buses every year! (source: National Park Service)

Let’s help keep plastic our of our landfills and rivers.

Lady and the Trump The Musical – A Birmingham Production

Coming to a theater near you… (more specifically, the Comedy Club Stardome in Hoover), in what’s best described as “this political season’s comedy blockbuster”, Lady and the Drumpf The Musical is slated to make jabs at politics on all levels, ranging from local to the ultimate future POTUS – and we can’t wait.

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A hamburger video to get you ready for the weekend.

Neat, Behind The Scenes of Director and Visual Engineer Steve Giralt’s Deconstructed Burger Motion Concept.

Delicious meat topped with cheese, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and a sesame bun … Washed down with a cold beer. Shot on Phantom 4k, with high speed motion control robot. A special thanks to for the use of the robot and Phantom, along with the help of Tomoya and Kazu.

Directed by Steve Giralt, DP / Phantom Tech Tomoya Hara, and Motion Control tech was Kazu Sunahara. Food Styling by Jen Beauchesne

You can view the original video here