5 unique jobs at Protective with openings now


Unique jobs at Protective
Trenaye Bailey, Blanton DePalma, Aquilla Jackson, Louise Ritter + Raja Chakarvorty (Bham Now)

Dreaming of working in a culture you love? We spoke with five people working in unique roles within Birmingham-based Protective and were surprised to see clear themes emerging from what they love about their jobs. Keep reading for all the details.

1. Blanton DePalma, Learning and Performance Partner

Unique jobs at Protective
Blanton DePalma (Bham Now)

Blanton DePalma assists Protective’s claims, asset protection division and mail center business areas in addressing their training needs.

The job requires intentional organization, advanced planning and a healthy mix of structure and flexibility to provide the level of support Protective’s business colleagues require.

What does he wish he’d known before joining Protective? How enthusiastic everyone on his team is. He finds their outlook contagious and energizing.

Looking for a new role? Protective is hiring.

2. Louise Ritter, Director, Agile Implementation

Unique jobs at Protective
Louise Ritter (Bham Now)

Louise Ritter manages a team of Product Owners and Scrum Masters who work with Information Technology (IT) teams to deliver quality solutions as efficiently as possible.

As a “people person” her favorite aspect of the job is getting to meet and work with so many different personalities. She likes problem-solving and helping to enable others’ success.

“I remember when I first joined six years ago, being really impressed by the amount of pride our employees associate with being part of Protective. We have a very strong culture, and our employees are at the center of that. Protective is invested in giving back in so many ways, which inspires a level of commitment you don’t see everywhere.”

Louise Ritter

3. Aquilla Jackson, Case Management Manager, Protection Division

Unique jobs at Protective
Aquilla Jackson (Bham Now)

Aquilla Jackson leads a solution team that supports those who sell Protective’s products directly to the customer.

Case Managers are responsible for the initial review of life insurance applications, as well as establishing and maintaining internal and external distribution team relationships. She loves that each day is different and gives her the opportunity to learn something new. She enjoys leading people and building relationships.

“I love, love, love that the culture of Protective is family. In New Business, we pride ourselves in having a sense of family. Aside from our real families, we spend the most time with our coworkers. It feels amazing to show up to a place every day knowing that you have the same level of support here as you do at home.”

Aquilla Jackson

4. Raja Chakarvorty, Chief Data Scientist

Unique jobs at Protective
Raja Chakarvorty (Bham Now)

Raja Chakarvorty is the Chief Data Scientist at Protective, leading the Enterprise Data Science team and function. His team analyzes large amounts of data using advanced analytics techniques to create a best-in-class customer experience and a targeted sales process with superior risk selection.

His expertise is to build data science teams and capabilities from the ground up. Protective offered him that opportunity, which was very aligned with his passion.

“Data is our lifeline, and it comes to us in broadly two forms—structured (rows and columns) and unstructured (pdfs, text, voice, images). Without data I cannot do any science! I have a motto – No data left behind!”

Raja Chakarvorty

He finds that recruiting, training and growing the team has been unexpectedly rewarding.

Because they’re a fast-growing team, his role challenges him in many ways.

“The innovation and business value creation invigorates me and drives me to get more business for my team. I love that!”

Raja Chakarvorty

Before applying and relocating from Hartford, Connecticut, he wishes he’d known what incredible people he would get to work with each day and how cosmopolitan the city of Birmingham is.

5. Trenaye Bailey, Senior Associate in Marketing Media

Unique jobs at Protective
Trenaye Bailey (Bham Now)

Trenaye Bailey’s role enables a portion of the marketing team to achieve their goals by effectively utilizing print, tradeshows, multi-touch campaigns and digital media to increase sales productivity and generate leads for financial professionals.

She also specializes in ensuring they deliver tools, collateral and digital content that makes it easier for financial professionals to do business with and for Protective.

This role challenges her because no day is the same. This is mainly due to the growth of the company and the changing needs of the audiences.

“I wish before applying, I would have known about the great culture and great people that work at Protective. I honestly wish I would have applied for Protective fresh from college. Protective cultivates their employees and treats them like family.” 

Trenaye Bailey

Protective is hiring. Apply today.

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