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Support all Birmingham businesses.

This is the focus of #KeepitLocal.



Baked Fish Recipe

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Here’s a recipe for baked fish from our friends at the Coosa Riverkeeper, publishers of Swim Guide and Fish Guide.  Give it a try.  And before swimming in the Coosa River, check the Swim Guide for bacteriological alerts.  The fish guide is a neat place to see marinas and places to eat while out on the water as well as see any fish consumption advisories.

Birmingham Restaurant Week starts August 12th

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Birmingham Restaurant Week will be from August 12th-20th. Locally owned and operated restaurants will participate by offering lunch and dinner specials with prices ranging from $5-$30 per person.


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Cafe on Main, Trussville Family Restaurant, Closing

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Megan Miller, from the Trussville Tribune proclaims,

“Co-owner Charlene Scharf said due to her husband’s health, the family is pulling back and closing the doors to its Trussville location, while the Oneonta location will remain open.”

Cafe on Main to Close Due to Family Matters…

Good luck to the Scharf family, best of luck to you.




Birmingham Area Coffee Shops

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Shop Address Phone Source
Urban Standard 2320 2nd Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35203 205.250.8200
The Red Cat 2901 2nd Ave. S. Birmingham, AL. 35233 205.616.845 Roasts Own Beans
The Red Cat 1701 1st Ave. S. Birmingham, AL 35233 205.518.0779
Crestwood Coffee Co. 5512 Crestwood Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35212 205.595.0300
Lucy’s Coffee & Tea 2007 University Blvd. Birmingham, AL. 35233 205.328.2007
O’Henry’s 2915 Highland Ave., Birmingham, AL 35205 205.250.1195 Roasts Own Beans
O’Henry’s 569 Brookwood Vlg #101 Birmingham, AL 205.870.1148 Roasts Own Beans
O’Henry’s 1901 6th Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35203 205.323.1198 Roasts Own Beans
Seeds Coffee Co. 174 Oxmoor Rd., Birmingham, AL 35209 205.259.6405 Roasts Own Beans
Church Street Coffee & Books 81 Church St. Mountain Brook, AL 35213 205.870.1117
Woodlawn Cycle Café 5530 1st Ave. S. Birmingham, AL 35212
The Abbey 131 41st St. S. Birmingham, AL 35222 Red Bike Coffee, Irondale, AL
Octane Coffee 2221 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N. Birmingham, AL 35203 205.545.5076
Octane Coffee 2821 Central Ave. Ste. 105 Homewood, AL 35209 205.969.1177
Revelator Coffee 1826 3rd Ave. N. Unit 101, Birmingham, AL 35203
Saturn 200 41st St. S. Birmingham, AL 35222 205.703.9545 Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Portland, OR
East 59 Vintage & Café 7619 1st Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35206 205.838.0559

The Bham Way

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What Unifies a Community?

There are many aspects involved when supporting something. Is it politics, or sports, or religious beliefs?  Whatever “it” may be, supporting each other, as a community, ought to be a top priority.

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