The Birmingham Business Alliance’s Talent Recruitment Program, Sloss, and you

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The Talent Recruitment Project, meeting at AT&T – via the BBA

Sloss Tech and Sloss Fest just didn’t pack enough into a single weekend. The Birmingham Business Alliance joins the fray for three days, via their Sloss Experience!

The Talent Recruit Project’s Sloss Experience searches for entry-level talent, this year from around Alabama and Georgia. In addition to providing networking support and career development, the program introduces these college students to local employers.

This year’s group consists of 15 college juniors and seniors. Almost half of them had won awards in the BBA’s engineering and technology focused program. That program took place at Barber Motorsports Park.


Yesterday, the students toured Regions headquarters, Southern Research, Innovation Depot, and more. Today, they are meeting with representatives from UAB and AL Power. After that, they visit Sloss Tech! Participants are “encouraged to stay” for Sloss Fest, though no provisions are made for free tickets. There’s only so much networking that can go on at a music festival!

How does the TRP work?

The BBA’s Talent Recruitment Project focuses its individual events on certain industries, setting it apart from traditional job fairs. Coupled with the small group sizes, this allows companies to know candidates better, and candidates to present themselves better.

Around 100 students have participated since the program’s 2013 inception. Interested? Here’s a project description – you’ll want to go through your college’s career services office.

In BBA-related news,

Steyr Arms announced a multi-million dollar expansion to their Bessemer facility! Steyr wants to stop importing its guns from Austria, cut out the transportation middleman, and produce the entire US stock of firearms in Bessemer. Retooling, training, and finishing touches will conclude next year.

Steyr Aug Bessemer Alabama
Steyr’s best-known firearm, the AUG. Play enough video games and you’re bound to run into one! – via


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