Looking for a career change? Birmingham has 22K job openings


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Golden hour in Downtown Birmingham. (Bham Now)

Attention job seekers: if you are looking for a job in the Birmingham area, you are in luck, because there are more than 22,000 job openings in The Magic City. Keep reading to learn more about the listings and labor market.

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Alabama’s unemployment rate is lower than national average

According to the Alabama Department of Labor Market Information Division, Alabama had an unemployment rate of 2.8% in December, which is 0.7% less than the national average. Let’s keep it up, Bham!

There are 6 job openings in the Greater Birmingham Area per available candidate

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Find a job that makes you smile. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

No need to be worried about competition. According to AlabamaWorks!, there are 3,552 candidates for 22,056 job openings. Go explore the market—we think you have a pretty good chance of getting hired.

These companies have job openings RIGHT NOW

job openings, children's of alabama
Children’s of Alabama hospital has more than 300 job openings. (Bham Now)

While healthcare companies have the highest demand for employees in the area, there are many more career opportunities, including retail and finance.

Here are the top 10 employers in Birmingham with the most job openings, according to Indeed.com:

  1. The University of Alabama at Birmingham: 1,090
  2. Grandview Medical Center: 636
  3. Tenet Healthcare: 613
  4. UAB Medicine: 577
  5. Children’s of Alabama: 334
  6. Ascension: 280
  7. Hibbett Sports: 229
  8. Soliant: 190
  9. Dollar General: 184
  10. Deloitte: 165

Looking for more amazing companies in The Magic City? Check out these can’t-miss opportunities:

Job fairs happening in the Greater Birmingham Area

The multi-employer job fair is coming up with 10 different employers, check it out if you’re on the job hunt.

For more job fairs, check Alabama Career Center on Facebook for updates.

We wish you the best of luck on your job hunt! PS—Huntsville has over 13K job openings.

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