Find a rewarding career in the amazing dialysis department at Children’s of Alabama


Find your dream job at Children’s. (Children’s of Alabama)

So many amazing faces work together to make sure each patient at Children’s of Alabama receives the care they deserve. The dialysis department is no exception, with staff working hard everyday to ensure patients feel their best. Keep reading to learn why one nurse loves working on the Children’s of Alabama dialysis team, then find your dream career at Children’s today.

Children’s has one of the largest pediatric dialysis units in the US

thumbnail renal care center Find a rewarding career in the amazing dialysis department at Children's of Alabama
One of the largest comprehensive pediatric dialysis units in the United States. (Children’s of Alabama)

The Renal Care Center at Children’s is one of the largest comprehensive pediatric dialysis units in the country, offering both acute and chronic dialysis therapies. Plus, it’s the only pediatric dialysis unit in the state.

The dialysis nurses at Children’s are highly skilled to take care of infants, children and adolescents with kidney failure.

What does this mean? Children whose kidneys do not work usually need dialysis to filter waste and extra fluids from the blood. The team at Children’s of Alabama provides:

  • peritoneal dialysis (PD)
  • hemodialysis (HD)
  • continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
  • kidney biopsies
  • plasmapheresis for infants, children + adolescents

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Why one nurse loves working in the dialysis unit

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One of the most rewarding careers. (Children’s of Alabama)

We had the chance to meet with, Sonia Medders, one of the incredible nurses who’s worked in the dialysis unit at Children’s for almost two years. Here’s what we learned:

Bham Now: Why did you choose this career?

Sonia Medders: “Nursing is a second career for me. I have always worked in the medical field but, felt I had a calling to be more deeply involved. I love working in dialysis because we get to create special bonds with the kids and their families. We see them several times a week and that makes it feel more like a big family.”

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Bham Now: How have you grown throughout your time at Children’s?

Sonia Medders: “I have an even better understanding of ‘never take things for granted’. Even on the rough days, we are blessed.”

Bham Now: How does Children’s help nurses learn the art of nursing and how to handle the challenges that arise?

Sonia Medders: “They offer classes and simulations to help better prepare the nurses for things that could potentially happen.”

Bham Now: What are the rewards of working in the dialysis field?

Sonia Medders: “When you see a kid get better after being sick for so long, just knowing that you had a small part in that is so rewarding. In my specific area, the best reward is when a child gets a new kidney. I always cry tears of joy for them and bittersweet tears that I won’t see them every week.”

As you can see, a nursing job in any field, but especially the dialysis department at Children’s is a challenging, but rewarding career.

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