BREAKING: popular Prevail Coffee coming to Birmingham

Prevail Coffee - MGM
A peek inside Prevail Union MGM. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Coffee lovers, there’s a latte to love about this news: Prevail Coffee is coming to Birmingham. The popular coffee roaster already has two locations in Montgomery and Atlanta, and soon, they’re bringing their fantastic coffee to the Shipt tower in downtown Birmingham. Keep reading for the brew-tiful details.

Prevail Coffee coming to Birmingham 👏

Prevail Union coffee
One cup for me, please. (Prevail Union MGM)

Whether you’ve tried Prevail in the past (like I did in Foy Hall at Auburn University) or enjoy a cup of Prevail at wholesale partners like Filter Coffee Parlor, you probably love their coffee.

Luckily for everyone with a caffeine addiction in the greater Birmingham area, Prevail Union will open in Birmingham in the Shipt Tower. The café will have the same offerings as their other locations, along with a Birmingham-specific drink that the baristas will create.

Beyond serving fantastic coffee, Prevail is passionate about working directly with coffee farmers and forming relationships that go beyond the transaction.

“We work directly with farmers, and they’re very special to us. At the end of the day, we’re really happy to share their work with our community.”

Wade Preston, co-owner, Prevail Coffee

Coffee + community

In 2013, co-owners Wade and Megan Preston opened the first cafe in downtown Auburn. Since then, they’ve opened in Montgomery and Atlanta. I spoke with Wade to learn more about Prevail Union Bham and how he feels about the community of coffee roasters and consumers in Birmingham.

“My biggest hope is that it fulfills our mission, which is to be a quality connector for authentic community. We create the space and the product and the atmosphere so that people can connect in deeply meaningful ways.

In a cafĂ©, we can create spaces for conversation that happen in real life with humanity involved so people can find common ground.”

Wade Preston, co-owner, Prevail Coffee

Of course, Birmingham is home to a bustling coffee scene. As we spoke about Prevail, Wade shouted out other coffee roasters and shops that are contributing to a wonderful coffee culture.

“We’re just passionate about this thing [coffee]. There’s so many different coffee growers out there and so many different varieties of coffee and ways to process and roast it that we can’t possibly satisfy our own coffee nerdery with our own companies. We have to reach out and enjoy things from other people.”

Wade Preston, co-owner, Prevail Coffee

New Birmingham coffee shop openings this summer ☕

If your day doesn’t truly begin without a cup of joe, you probably know that Birmingham’s coffee scene has been booming.

Here’s a look at the coffee shops that have opened or announced their openings this summer:

I’m excited to see Prevail Union join that list.

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